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Greeno 01-05-2017 06:23 AM

AW4 swap
Hi guys I'm going to do a AW4 swap in my 79 sj does anyone have a wiring setup that works
ive got a compete 97 parts car just can't get my head around the wiring part

SC/397 01-05-2017 07:06 AM

I put a AW4 in my Javelin a few years ago. I will dig up my notes and wiring diagrams for you. The main thing I had to do is wire up the nutral saftey switch differently than how the stock Jeep system was. In the Jeep, they broke the ground wire and in the Javelin they broke the hot wire. We used a relay somhow to trick it.
Which enine are you using?

SC/397 01-05-2017 11:30 AM

Kind of a chopped up article but here is how I did it. Mine was from a 1989 Comanche so, your wiring will probably be different.

80Limited 01-05-2017 12:38 PM

I'm doing the same swap right now

Wagoneerlover 01-06-2017 08:42 PM

Did the swap in one of my rigs also.

80Limited 01-07-2017 01:02 PM

TPS question
When wiring your TPS, did you put a step down on it for the 5v input or does it feed the 5v from the TCU? That's all I'm confused on.

Greeno 01-09-2017 05:26 AM

Thank you big time guys will check out the write up sc/397

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