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wincher 09-11-2021 07:02 AM

Rear Fog light
For germany licence the preowner had added a rear fog light
it is a separate swich for it , and a relais.
12 V out from the A/C connector
But now i have discovered a failure.
Rear fog light functions only with the interieur light on!
have to turn the light switch for interieur light for it.
this is probably a fairlure for my T

rang-a-stang 09-11-2021 08:50 AM

Hahahahaha!! That is kinda annoying! Probably just used a power wire (either for the switched side or the power side) that comes off the interior light circuit. Should be an easy fix.

wincher 09-11-2021 01:58 PM

yes, but i hope had the tuev meeting this wednesday.
bring the jeep to the garage tomorrow and dont want to fix it now.
but i know the trick trick now to let the fog lamp burn:thumbsup:

wincher 09-23-2021 12:31 PM

chief has failed the TueV :mad:
rear brakes are 50% of brake power with hydraulik brake.
But brakes are similar with the parking brake.

have ask my lokal parts dealer with the AC Delco (and a few other) parts number from rockauto for order of new wheel cylinders.

Today i got the stuff and i think they dont fit because blueprint has a wrong parts finder.
he got me blueprint ADA 104402

Cherokee 1 4x4 (XJ) 1980-2001:confused:
and the engines from 2.1 diesel up to 5.9
looking at rockauto for a xj 1984 they are different parts numbers for the cylinder, but with excentric thread for the line..

here my parts: 1980+-+2001

rang-a-stang 09-23-2021 07:53 PM

Oooh not for sure on the part numbers but XJs are very different.

wincher 09-26-2021 01:53 AM

rang you was right - the wheel cylinders was wrong.
(Blueprint parts finder makes a wrong selection)

have fixed the rusty old wheel cylinder and pistons with 400 sandpaper and brake grease and all is ok:thumbsup:
doning both sides and made a test on the brake tester in the garage.
Brakepower is now good and both sides in tolerance!
and saved 35

rang-a-stang 09-26-2021 04:56 PM

Woo hooooo!!! So much win!!

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