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1998 Winter Fun Festival

Contributed By: Ken Wetherall

well i got there about 3pm PST. met with macjeepers friend, and hung out till Mike B from Reno showed up about an hour later. got Mikes trailer set up, got registered, and got the SW inspected. than mac showed up. but becasue he got in so late, he couldnt pic the same trail that his bud Rich and i picked, cuz we got there it was decided that mac ride shotgun in Rich's cj and mike ride in the SW. but we prolly could have snuck both of them on the trail anyway  ;)

the trail wa fine..not real tuff for the SW, but good snow, mud and slush, some snowball fights, but the best thing was that i had the pleasure of pulling out a stuck CJ (or was it a YJ) !!!!!!!!!!!! :) Mike got some neat pics.

than to top it all off we saw this drop dead GORGOUS white j20 rolling thru the lot on fri night, but couldt find the owner untill sat night. turns out to be a USAF pilot outta Edwards AFB CA, in his frame up resto, 78 j20...VERY NICE.

we bonded...;)

got some static pics on sun morning, got the ICQ numbers and email numbers exchanged and looked forward to some events in SOCAL that Bert, in that j20, can show us around.

dint win anything at the raffle, and dint pass out from the booze like i did last i must be inproving, or gttn older..dunnno yet!

ur thots?


kenneth e. wetherall
ICQ #1672244
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