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4hi to 4lo Without Moving

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As many of you know to go from 4 Hi to 4 Low in our Jeeps you must be rolling at about 1-2 mph, well no longer is this necessary. When you are in the 4 Hi range, after your vechile's tires have rotated how ever many times necessary to fully engage the front DANA 44 the fun can begin.

Here's the Procedure...
1. Come to a complete stop. - Yes I said complete stop
2. Make sure that your foot is on the brake, and the transmission in Drive or Reverse - Very important not to release your foot off the brake or take the transmission out of gear!!!
3. Cut the Engine OFF - absolutly do not, do not do not, put the transmission in park or this will mess up the entire procedure. With the transmission still in park and foot on the brake cut the engine off. And no your key shouldn't turn past the ACC position, and if it does then you have other problems that I dont know how to fix.
4. Now that the engine has come to a dead standstill, and probably abruptly too, reach down to your floor shifter. PULL IT INTO THE 4 LOW RANGE
5. You will notice that the shifter moves with ease if you do not take your foot off the brake.
6. Put the transmission in Neutral
7. Start the engine
8. Drop it into gear and pull off with supreme torque

Reason for this happpening: What you have just done is to suspend the transmission in a meshed style, and drive configuration without it knowing. The reason for rolling while trying to shift into the 4 Low range is because of the meshing gears and the gear ratios approiated with it. When your engine is in drive and your foot on the break the transmission and transfer case are in unison. The reason that i stressed not taking your foot off the brake is because if you move the transfer case, transmission, drive shaft or gears in any way then this procedure will not work quite as well. So to make matters easy, leave ur foot on the brake. If for some reason you can not get the transfer case to engage into 4 Low recheck the above procedure, or make sure that there are not obstructions blocking the free travel of the shift rod. If you can not get the transfer case to re-engage into the 4 Hi position do not worry. With moderate - don't strain yourself - tension pushing on either range, Hi or Low, put the Transmission in neutral and bumb the engine with your other hand. While trying to start the engine some of the transmission parts and gears move, which provide for just enough movement for your transfer case to find the gears once again to slip into.

Enjoy your new found ease
Sincerely, and thanks to everyone else on this organization Michael Mintz Charlotte, North Carolina 1984 Grand Wagoneer 87,000 miles just getting broken in E-mail me if you want to I have done several power modifications and made some major discoveries on how to get your FSJ to pump out more power

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