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Old 03-29-2009, 07:49 AM
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Ignition options

I know this has been covered a million times in a million ways but the threads are dated and I'm sure there are new and better opinions.

I'm getting ready to wire my 76 chief with a new 401 and a Howell fuel injection. I have a Mallory Unilite distributor and a Jocobs Omni-pak system that I used to run on my 360 with an edelbrock 1405. (This was my setup for over 10 years and it appeared to always stumble.)

Now, after being more educated throught this website, I upgraded two other FSJs w/ 360s using the stock ignition and distributor using the TFI upgrade and have been very happy with the mods.

Question: Since I have over $500 invested in the Mallory/Jacobs, should I run this or ditch back to the stock/TFI?

The Mallory Unilite has the smaller cap and does not allow for the TFI. Will I loose performce by crossfire in the distributor? I'm assuming the Omni-pak does provide the 50,000 volts they claim.

Is the Jacobs worth running?

If I switch back to stock ignition/distributor I have several replacement parts that I can keep in the truck. If I keep the Jacobs/Mallory, I'll need to make major changes on the road if I break down.

Opinions are greatly appreciated.
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Old 03-29-2009, 10:37 AM
yankeedog yankeedog is offline
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keep it simple with as many off the shelf parts as have been running the mallory jacobs set up for ten years and are not happy with it.I would say you got your money's worth.
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Old 03-29-2009, 11:08 AM
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I would ditch the Mallory, because of the cap size, and use the large distributor cap on the stock distributor.

If I had the Jacobs, I would probably run it, but keep a spare OE ignition module in the vehicle. It would probably be best to take an old OEM controller, and use the connectors off of it for the Jacobs. That way, if it gave you problems, it would be no more involved than swapping out a factory controller.
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