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Old 01-10-2009, 11:58 AM
Madbodhi Madbodhi is offline
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Driveline,What to keep?

Looks like my beloved 80 Suburban is dead .Grenaded front axle,blown head gasket and lots of body rust have pushed me to make the call.On the upside it's a 3/4 ton with a Chevy 350 SM465 tranny NP 205 transfer case and FF 14 bolt rear. That the motor will be rebuilt and stuck into the Grand Wagoneer is a given but what about the rest? Is the ( I think) increased weight and less under axle clearance of the 14 bolt worth the extra strength on something that will never have larger than 35 in. tires?My waggie is my SHTF zombie truck,I want it to be able to move quickly over rugged terrain ,more a mild pre-runner than rock crawler.I'm thinking of keeping the Wagoneer automatic but the bulletproof simplicity of the SM465 has me reconsidering.Any issue with swapping in the entire drivetrain with the exception of keeping the original Dana 44 front?My buddy REALLY wants a 60's 3/4 ton J truck and wants a Chevy drivetrain with a manual.Should I just give him the drivetrain,?
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Old 01-10-2009, 02:46 PM
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Cutting the 14B down to near D60 pumpkin since isn't that hard. If the front 10b is blown, they are cheap to pick up.

How good of a friend is he? You could probably get $400-$500 for that tranny/t-case/rear end.
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