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Old 06-30-2000, 08:54 AM
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I've added a couple of pages to my Wagoneer site.

The first doesn't really add anything new; rather, it's a list of all the FSJ (or FSJ-relevant) technical sites on the Web (except that the ANZAC one is missing its files?). I'm also trying to add direct links to some of the other individual pages or images that are scattered around the web (giving proper credit for each link, as I'm contributing very little myself). If anyone has anything to add, e-mail me at

The other page I added is information I've compiled for aftermarket replacements for the CTO switches on our FSJ's. I hope to add specific application listings (the first three are for an '88 GW), but for now you can just cross-reference the Jeep # on the CTO you are replacing. Again, if you have additions, corrections, suggestions, etc., just e-mail me!

Bob Barry
<UL TYPE=SQUARE>* '78 Cherokee 4-door
* '88 Grand Wagoneer[/list]
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Old 07-01-2000, 03:29 AM
jamchico jamchico is offline
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Thanks for putting in the time to compose a list of these links. This is very helpful! For me, this is one of the most important parts of sites like this.
69 wag
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Old 07-01-2000, 12:19 PM
andy d andy d is offline
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by jamchico:
Thanks for putting in the time to compose a list of these links. This is very helpful! For me, this is one of the most important parts of sites like this.
69 wag
<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>neat site Bob,the tech sites are very helpful,I only came on line this spring,i'm totally impressed by the knowledge ive gained. it sure beats floundering around doing things by trial+error which is how i fixed things until i happened onto the internet.happy 4th everyone.

'88 gwag
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Old 07-12-2000, 12:55 PM
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Thanks for making up this CTO list. Maybe this will help others....

My new '91 GW has been idling rough since I got it 4 months ago. the engine is stock exept for a 180 degree thermostat and champion truck plugs (4404 - the equivelant to RN12YC plugs. BTW they made no difference!) that I put in. I've got the 2150-3 (I think) carb. and this GW was manufactured for elevations above 4000 feet (The PO bought it new in Colorado). My initial mechanic said "some of them just run that way" (rough idle). So I've been busy trying to find the prob. on my own. Well, the other afternoon I hooked up my new timing light, tach meter and vac pump. I pulled the vac hose off the dist adv. plugged it and checked the timing. The mechanic had set it properly (17 +/-2 deg. BTDC (2150 w/ alt. comp)). Then I checked centrifigal advance and then cent. & vac adv.( all vac lines hooked back up. For a few minutes all was fine and then Whoa! The rough idle was back and my timing had about 28 degrees of extra adv. making total adv 45 degrees @ idle! It turns out the CTO switch controlling vac adv. was switching from carb ported vac (normal) to manifold (20" hg) vac when the temp gauge read 200 degrees. It isn't supposed to do this until it hits 220 degrees. I guess the extra adv. on the dist. makes the engine combustion less efficient and therefore reduced the heat output of the engine giving it a chance to cool. Anyway my engine temp is usually around 205 +/- 5 degrees w/ new fan clutch and 180 degree thermostat.

I'm pretty sure that my temp gauge is accurate (anyone know a quick way to check this?) So I printed out Bobs CTO page and started calling my parts stores. My '91 GW also uses the top 3 CTO switches on Bobs page. there isn't a lot of info in my TSM and Haynes to test these switches. I figure if I know one is bad I might as well replace them all (this is my daily driver and I'm trying to make it as reliable and smooth as possible also my city MPG is low... my city avg. is 7.5 mpg. ouch!).I found the prices varied widely (all 3 from the dealer $150! and a spec. order).

Brands: In my area Pepboys & Kragen carry Borg Warner while AutoZone carries Wells. Here's the cheapest I found:

220 degree 3 port: Borg Warner P/N EC970 @ PepB $10.49 (it is black instead of red and has "225" stamped into the bottom copper temp sensor)

155 degree 3 port: Wells P/N E901 @ Autozone: $15.99

115 degree 5 port: Wells P/N E960 @ Autozone: $19.94

This makes the total parts cost ($47) 1/3rd of the dealer parts cost.

At all the stores I called they are a special order. Pepboys takes 3 days while Autozone takes 1 day. I found the EC970 in stock at a PepB near me b/c it was a special order that never got picked up. I can vouch that it is identical to the original. My Autozone order doesn't arrive until tommorrow.

thanks Bob!

'91 GW "The Swank Tank"
360/727/229/+2" lift
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