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Old 12-10-2006, 06:35 PM
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Finally got my 4x4 low!!!! Thanks for the help!


This is quite the long message, but it was an epic battle that needed an epic writing!

I am brand new to this stuff (workign on your own car i have an accord). I was basically given a wagoneer and decided i liked it and wanted to get it in the mud. So, i found this group and over when i could worked on the jeep. First i found that the vacuum motor was removed and the Tcase hose clamped into 2wd. After attempts at getting the car into 4wd by trying to clamp it into 4wd i finally got smart and bought the 50 dollar part from BJ's. Installing it was a PAIN. It seems that the transmission line is RIGHT THERE making it a near impossible fit. I acutally tried on 3 separate times to get it in there finally getting it in! So now i have 4wd/HI. But it wont got into low. So i come back and find that there is a linkage adjustment, but mostpeople say its not going to be that. SO this weekend i crawl under the jeep and see that the adjustment is at the end of the bolt, about as far in one direction as possible. So, i conlude that this must be it! Now i look at the printout i got on how to adjust it..... easy! Just unscrew the nutts and move it. Well, the picture doesnt show that you basically have ot have no bones to get in there. I ended up taking out a codder pin and unbolting the vacuum motor linkage and finally i could drop the 4wd hi and low rod. After cleaning it up and putting it back in, VICTORY at last! Just a few more adjustments and its flawless: Especially with the tip on how to shift from hi and low! So to all that spend time here helping and writng articles, thanks! Now i have to figure out what i want to do. Jack it up with SOA or Bj's 6 inch lift?

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Old 12-11-2006, 11:36 AM
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When you think about, the internet has extended the life of these FSJs a great deal. Most of the few guys that worked on these things have retired or worse.
\'84 J10 Pioneer -- Edelbrock headers, Intake. MSD 8778 Ignition. MC 4-bl carb. 1970 "319" 51-CC heads. Comp cam. 401/727 B&M truck-shifter (floor), 3.73:1 gears. 31\"x12.5\"x15 ProComp A/T tires on M/T Classic II 15x10 wheels. Rear swaybar. Bucket seat conversion & redone interior. Interior roll bar and 4-point harnesses.
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