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Old 10-24-2000, 09:22 AM
Coley Coley is offline
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Has anyone done any adjustment on their front doors? Doing some leak testing and noticed my front driver's side door is about 1/4" too low, which renders the weatherstrip at the top useless. I know to adjust it you take off the trim panel and adjust the hinge-to-door bolt(s). Does anyone have any tips or tricks? Maybe some sort of hydraulic jack and 2 by 4 setup to support the door and allow gradual lift?


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Old 10-25-2000, 07:45 AM
Brenton Brenton is offline
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Had to do it on my old Gladiator. Your best bet is to get someone to help lift on the door. I simply loosened all but one bolt on the upper hinge, then had someone lift, and then I tightened while they held it up. Then swing the door in, and check for fit. If it lines up right, re-open the door, loosen all of the upper hinge bolts so the pressure can release (having someone support the door so it doesn't drop), then tighten them all back up, and make sure it fits. If it's not aligned - start again. If it is, then I swung the door open and closed a couple of times to check the sound. If you get funky pressure on one hinge or the other, you may grind. Make sure it sounds good. It's a PITA, but yull hafta work it slowly and repeatedly.

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