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Old 08-19-2007, 02:32 PM
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Poor and HAppy...

Hello my name is Bryan and I am poor and happy. I have had a 95 YJ since...95. I have built it up and beat it up and now I have a 82 Waggy Limited sitting in the Driveway. I have lurked here for about 2 full years knowing that this would be my next project. I have serched several forums on the net and have decided to just come out and asksome stupid questions.

Things I can do on my own...
a) Weld
b) Machine parts
c) Have a ton of friends that can weld and machine parts.
d) Red Neck fix just about anything. You have to when you're poor and happy.

Stupid questions:

1. Can I just use 1/4 inch C-Channel and flip both the front of the rear springs and the rear of the rear springs to achieve the lift in the rear.

2. Should I do the spring over in the front myself or buy Tads kit?

3. I love BIG OPEN fender wells... What is the harm in opening them up as much as possible? (I live in New Mexico so rust is kinda unherd of)

4. And **** it... Which wire under the back side of the tail gate do I have to cut and connect to a 12 battery to get the dang back window down!!! I DIEING in the heat!

5. I have only used York compressors under my hood for my OBA... Do I fill the sump up with ester oil and charge it with 134a to get the AC working?

6. How do I grease up the power window motors to get the windows to go up and down faster?

7. Has anyone heard of someone making a soft top for a chopped top Waggy?

8. Has anyone seen a sliding soft top done on a Waggy where it's kinda like the safari tops on the Land Cruisers over in Africa. You push it back and you can stand up in the back or fold it back when you're camping to get the stars in at night.

9 What lights do I need to convert from square to round and what have some of y'all done with the extra two holes next to the lights? KCs? Hellas? Eagle Eyes? Any REAL shallow lights out there?

10 ?

I'll think of some more later. I am just interested in what this little group has to say about this stuff. And by the way... I veiw this site with a lot more respect than some of the others. So please watch the "Google it noob" comments. I feel that I qualify in the fab world and I am just looking for YOUR ideas.

Thanks for reading.

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Old 08-19-2007, 03:26 PM
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Tailgate troubleshooting:

Lift: not sure what you mean on the c-channel bit, but if you are wanting 7" of lift, tads kit is the simplest way to go. Perches and brackets are premade, you just have to weld them on. Takes all the guess work and troubleshooting out of it.

Fenders: The front you can cut as much as you want, no issues. For the rear, the fender is made of two pieces of sheet metal. The farther up you cut, the bigger the gap becomes. So if you want a lot, you will need to fill that gap.

Chopping: there are LOTS of chop tops out there. Here is one I like:

For the lights, you just go to the junkyard and get headlights from a 79 and older FSJ. I am guessing you are going to do a rhino grill, as with other grills the inner holes are covered up. You can use OEM vent covers, or any number of lights that fit the hole.
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Old 08-19-2007, 10:24 PM
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Join Date: Jan 14, 2006
Location: Down in a Hole
Posts: 7
First of all thank you for your replies.

Second, where do you get the soft top from? That is a bad azz top!

Third, where is this so called safety switch? I have the entire inside torn apart and I can not find it.


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Old 08-19-2007, 11:04 PM
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Safety switch is on the side of the gate by the latch, left side.
ASE Master Collision Tech
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Old 08-19-2007, 11:23 PM
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Thats not my rig, but the top is 100% custom. When I had my cherokee, I did all the pricing to have a top like that made. Was going to be about 750, and it would fold down and back. Was going to have a guy that does boats do it.
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Old 08-24-2007, 10:04 PM
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Location: Down in a Hole
Posts: 7
Originally Posted by goldhammer
Safety switch is on the side of the gate by the latch, left side.

Inside or out? What am I looking for? I have the whole tailgate torn open and can see some wires off to the driverside. Do these wires go under the Jeep? If so I can just cut them and hot wire the window motor. No?

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Old 08-25-2007, 08:54 AM
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Where in NM?
If my jeep stays unbroken (oxymoron I know) I'll be running Silver City for Labor Day.

As I recall the safety switch is mounted to the tailgate, left side up towards the top (I junked my tailgate, never had a safety switch anyway).
2000 Infinity QX4, 3.3L, MPFI, 4 speed auto, 2 speed Nissan tcase, Unibody, IFS front, 4 link rear solid axle with 255-70/16s


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Old 08-25-2007, 11:34 AM
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Question #5. The York compressor is lubricated just like all A/C compressors, with oil flowing through the system. The sump is only filled externally for OBA. To convert to 134A, just change the dyer and evacuate the system. I use my manifold gauges (after I have pulled a vacuum on the system) to suck the new oil from the bottle before I charge the system with refigerant.
David "If all else fails, read the instructions."
83 Wag Lt,BJ's 6"lift,360/727/Pinned229,D44/trac-lok,AMC20/lock-right,35/12.50 Baja MTZ,Pro-Jection EFI.
10$ NP229 fix

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Old 08-25-2007, 05:42 PM
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Hmm you can spell so I doubt you're as redneck as you profess to be :P (lol thats a welcome, neighbor).

Rear Window: quick and dirty.

Unplug the harness under the bumper for the 6 wires or so. That will prevent battery drain.

remove inspection cover (assume you've done this)

reach up and locate the TWO same colored wires going to top of motor

cut em with enough slack to work with

attach two 10 gauge power wires (I used some thick ole speaker wire, works ok)

lug a battery booster back there with the jumper cables, attach wires to em. If it grunts and does nothing, thats up. Reverse em. Should go down. I like the battery booster cuz of the clips, a battery will work too but the motor draws so many amps it gets sparky that way with the crappy connection just holding them on the posts make. You can clip em on there and help the window down if it needs it.

I never fixed mine. I just leave the booster back there, lay over the rear seat and lower it that way.
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