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Old 07-03-2018, 01:32 PM
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Jeep Rental

This is a bit of an odd one, but I feel like I'll get much more helpful responses here than there's any chance of on something like Facebook.

My girlfriend and I will be on our first proper US trip later this year, visiting relatives in Simi Valley for a couple weeks.

I've always wanted to rent a Wrangler while we're out there, but it seems like this is actually far harder and more expensive than expected. Can anyone point me in the right direction for where to look? The big companies are all no help at all!
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Old 07-03-2018, 03:16 PM
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hey,does anyone here know how to.......
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depends on how much driving your going to do - they are not all that comfortable for long hauls, plus if you have alot of travel gear you may regret it

i think enterprise still rents them out
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Old 07-03-2018, 04:33 PM
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Simi Valley?!?! That's my backyard!

I assume you are flying into LAX, right? I have rented quite a few cars from there. I know Avis has Wranglers but I don't think they will "guarantee" you get one. Usually you will have to either rent a Large SUV, Convertible, or premium car and if they have one in stock when you land, they will give it to you. I have found the best day to get the car you want is to rent on a Thursday night or Friday morning when all the business travelers are heading home.

Hertz has a significant premium fleet at LAX, too. I have seen Jags, Porsches, Ferrari's etc. I don't recall seeing Wranglers but I would assume they have some.

Last point; they will swap cars out. So if you get there and the closest thing they have to a Wrangler is a 4Runner, take the 4Runner and call them every evening at about 8pm and see if someone turned in a Wrangler that day. If they have one available, go swap cars (does not have to be at LAX, can be at any location).

I do all my personal car rentals on I make the reservation (because they are the cheapest), then I call the location and talk to them about special requests like a specific model.

Hope this helps!
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Old 07-09-2018, 03:25 PM
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As said above, 2 years ago my friends rented a 4x4 out of SF for their tour to the southwest, no way to drive the FSJ without AC. They got a dodge journey instead, which was not that bad because of the journey high power engine, it was fun, the cherokee we learnt later were with the 4 banger engine...

Usual wrangler rentals are in the 4x4 area such as Moab and Sedona.

Beware of car break-in, car rental have specific bar codes that thieves are aware of and will break glass because the thieves know that luggage with computer(s) and goodies are more likely in the trunk. Keep bags out of site, a sedan is a better off rental, even if the out of state plates will design you as a tourist.... SF is such a plague for tourist and their car rental that the city board of supes has asked the rental to remove any signs that makes the cars stand out, well the cars stand out, they are mostly dentless, new and clean.
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Old 07-11-2018, 07:26 PM
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We just rented a Wrangler out of Chicago for $38/day through Alamo. I rent cars for work a lot, but this trip was a family vacation. I would recommend making a reservation by phone by calling the location of your intended pick up. Doing so makes it WAY easier if you need to change or cancel.

I reserved a full size car, and upon arrival at the counter my wife asked if they could rent us the Wrangler for the same price.... which they did! It had a hard top, which I promptly and easily removed the front section. I thought about buying a #50 Torx bit to remove the doors but never got around to doing it. It was really fun driving around the Door County Wisconsin Peninsula with the Wrangler, and even took the ferry to Washington Island.

Getting one depends on availability though, and I have found Alamo and National have the best rates.

Hope this helps!

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