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Old 12-14-2010, 10:31 PM
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Question 360 w/ 2150 stalls after cold start

My 2150 is set up exactly according to the shop manual spec. However, I know that's only a starting point and things may need to be adjusted more or less to actually make things work properly.

With the cold weather, I need to pump the gas 5-6 times to get it started. But she revs up and a second or two later she dies. Second time around she stays running. Then I put it in gear and it either stalls again, or a-l-l-most dies before coming back up to speed if I slightly goose the throttle in time.

After running for about 30-45 seconds everything's OK.

Since its worse in cold weather I'm assuming this is a lean condition. But what should be adjusted? Idle mixture? Choke plate vacuum motor? Choke spring? I don't want to get myself out in left field and make things worse.

Also, the fact that I need to pump it 5-6 times makes me wonder too. I've had previous engines/carbs where just twice would do it.
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Old 12-15-2010, 01:39 AM
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I had to pump multiple times to get mine started as well and it turned out the accel pump rod and clip had come loose from the throttle linkage and was not moving the full distance.
As far as start-up, here's my procedure.
1. fully depress accel pedal and release.
2. turn key untill started. Mine usually takes 2-3 seconds to catch, maybe 5
3. let run for 10 seconds and kick-down to low idle.
4. put trans in neutral and let run for maybe another 10-15 seconds.
5. quickly blip/stomp gas a couple of times to clear the engine. This saves me from the stumbling start when in gear.
6. place in gear and drive away.
My wife actually heard me fire the wag up the other night for the first cold weather start. The next morning she asked,"So, the jeep gave you some trouble huh?" Nope, standard operating procedure.
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Old 12-15-2010, 02:17 AM
palexand palexand is offline
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With Winter here, lots of choke questions recently. Search by me 'palexand' and use search term "choke circuit". There's a couple recent posts I created to help others.

You say the carb is setup per spec. Did you rebuild it, and rig everything to spec on the bench? Is that what you mean?

You mention that it comes off the choke pretty quickly; it's merely a matter of initial startup and that critical 30-60 sec period of warmup causing your scenario.

Motor off, pull aft all the way on the choke pulldown. Is the choke plate about 1/8" open - no more. Won't bore you with how to here - search for 'carb rebuild' from user 'ristow' to see how this adjustment is made. (When the choke is set by opening the throttle completely (only needs to be done once), it should be in or near this position providing a richer air/fuel mix. Once running, man vac sucks the choke pulldown diaphram in to hold the choke plate in that preset (1/8" or so) condition until you're off the choke.)

Detail: When on the choke, the choke linkage is against the fast idle cam providing an increased idle speed. From your post, it sounds like you've got a decent idle speed and blipping the throttle after a min or so kicks it down from about 1600 to something like 1000; that slips the linkage onto the 2nd step of the fast idle cam. Several minutes later, it's off the choke and idle speed should be down to curb (600 or so according to your ymme spec).
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