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Old 06-22-2022, 05:32 PM
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Latest update on the SJ: I haven't really done anything with the headliner, just installed the rearview mirror. There's enough to hold it there for the time being. I need to pull it back out, mark the spots for more cuts, put camper/topper foam on the braces in the roof, do some wiring for the dual dome lights+cargo light switch, put the headliner back in, and drill the holes/install the metal strips for the front and rear of the headliner. It's almost done

A couple of weeks ago I got the oil pump to stop leaking so bad, and the oil pan for that matter. After a little bit of a fiasco with installing some Heli Coils, and lots of frustration with its continuing to leak worse, I finally got it all sealed up, with a very very slow drip. The oil pan bolts got tightened down too...some were so loose I didn't even need a wrench to remove them. I also changed the oil and filter of course, it's so it's frest STP 10W-40 and a new STP filter (first time going with STP, Auto Zone has officially become our best parts store near here, so that's what I went with). So far no complaints on that.

I also installed the poly bushings in the front. It was kind of frustrating at times; those old bushings did not want to come out. Also the passenger's side was coated with oil from the pump's leak. Then I had to trim the poly bushings going on the frame side (the ones in the shackle and the rear of the spring); they were too wide to go in. I also cleaned the oil and grease off so that my frame and front axle no longer appear to have massive engine oil leaks (the comment afterwards was 'the people who mined that oil probably came out cleaner than you are!'), so that's much better. I did flip the springs around, too; the bigger bushing is now in the back, where there is no shackle bushing to absorb vibrations (with the Kaiser springs, you can do that because the pin is centered--I read that they're the same springs as the Suburbans at the time, only the 'Burbs are SOA front and rear.

After a drive, the oil pressure at idle seems a touch lower (though the idle looks a little low; I probably didn't give it quite enough timing when I put the distributor back in. But the pressure comes back up more quickly and sits a little higher at cruise. The bushings were super noticeable; the ride was stiffer with more feedback, without being any more harsh, if that makes any sense. Also it doesn't wander like it did; if it ever pulls after a bump now it's always to the right, and I need to center the steering wheel alignment anyway.

Today I washed the bugs off and installed the cursive "Jeep" scripts. I didn't actually put them in the factory location behind the side marker, I put them farther back on the front fenders, over the 4 wheel drive badges. Actually that's where they were on this one before the restoration, and I thought they looked better there, so that's where they went

Have you guys seen the prices for these things going through the roof? A restored '80s J10 just sold on BaT (Bring a Trailer) for 70 or 80k! Wild.
Current Rig:
'71 Wagoneer (DD)
open knuckle D44 front (disc brakes)
6-lug conversion rear

Previous Rig:
Tan '88 Grand Wagoneer
.030 over 401, TBI, headers
3" exhaust
2" rear lift blocks
custom headliner

"The engineering side of me says that it's more than strong enough. The redneck side of me says that it's going to fall apart and I need to beef it up."--somebody I know
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Old 06-22-2022, 06:20 PM
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Yep, could near trade a nice restored rig for a small house now days.

A bit out in the boonies, but then that is why we have our rigs, to get out in the boonies in boonies I can't get to without my rig - or - rig I can get out in the boonies and look at the houses out there!

1984 Grand Wagoneer, 401 ci (.030 over), A727 auto, Selec-trac NP229, AMC 20 REAR - D44 FRONT (6 LUG) WT 3.31, 4 in arch spring lift (not a woody - think it was ordered new without, 1984 the only year it was an option)
Rather be driving, than waiting for modifications!
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