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Old 10-20-2008, 03:00 PM
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AMC 360 cam gear issues

I picked up a 79' J20 awhile ago so I don't know much history on the vehicle. It has a 360 and the PO has had the timing cover off 3 different times and replaced the distributor and cam gear with Bulltear matched gears.

Now that I've acquired the rig I would like to know if it would be silly of me to ditch the Bulltear HEI and reinstall the duraspark distributor. I was planning on using a TFI coil and a GM ignition module anyway..

The timing gear set is new and the cam has energizer scribed on the front with some numbers on it. I can't find a reference to crane ever making an "energizer" cam for the AMC 360. I tried googling the numbers stamped on the front and didn't find anything. Is it possible that someone used a Chrysler 360 cam? All of my research indicates that the HEI conversion stuff is nothing but headaches. The gear showed signs of some serious alignment issues, like the distributor was engaging too far away on the cam gear. The distributor gear looks fine. Anybody else encounter these issues? PO said that the truck ran for 2hrs one time and the last 2 times the gear sheared it only lasted a couple minutes. Oil pump shaft moves freely, no binding going on there. I was going to drill and tap the cover for 1/8 NPT and T into the sending unit line to ensure things are getting oiled up in there as well. Also installing a known working front timing cover from a core 360. I was also going to measure the distance from the end of the cam to the first lobe (right by the entrance into the engine block)

I don't want to put it back together and have another gear go bald on me, what kind of tips & tricks would you guys suggest?

Thanks in advance!!

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Old 10-20-2008, 07:00 PM
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This should be over in the tech section so you can get more responses.

So are you saying you now have the matched bulltear gears in now. If so, throw in the dist and see how it meshes. I would use a lot of assembly lube on all of those parts. I installed the npt type oiler on mine as well as the valley oiler to the rear main bearing.

Take apart and r/r your oil pump. It could be binding.
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