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Old 08-02-2000, 03:52 AM
JERRY88GW JERRY88GW is offline
Join Date: Jun 09, 2000
Location: Alexandria, VA, USA
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My sticks on the left hand side as it is being lowered. Have any of you guys had this problem? Ho did you go about fixen it? Thanks

ClarkGriswald replied:
Mine goes down fine but only goes up about one inch. then I have to operate it from the keyswitch and pull it up until its about 5 inchs from the top then it will close on its own the rest of the way.. my rubber wiper on the outside nearly comes out of the tailgate when it goes up.. i can squeeze the top of the tailgate when the window is retracted and it gives way .. i think i just need a new\old strong tailgate before i repair the window and replace rubber.. one more thing to get before i paint mine.

Marc_01 replied:
Its a common fsj problem.
Usally when your track is getting stuck it is bent or the window is sliding out of the track.

My problem was the track had fallen off of the side guides and when it was being closed, it binded and bent. If your track is bent, you can try and bend it back or just get a new one (i got a new one, $40.00).

I installed the new track and installed the window with windsheild urathane (not the factor rubber channel) All is well, but sometimes because of different temp. that rubber flashing on the outside will bind and get pulled inside the tail gate. That also can pull your window out of the track if you have a weak bond between the window and track.

andy d replied:
Guys, in the very near future,remove the inside panel+ take apeek at the channel the window rides in.the one that connects to the lift gear. Jerry, it sounds like your problem is the glass is loose in this track. take a look before you break the glass.
grizz,you prolly just hafta lube guide channels with silicone + check out the safety switch while yer attit. bout a month or so back Ralph and i had a thread going about t/g woes. they flex in the middle.lousy design. i lubed everything up,got the latches returning under their owwn steam,and resolved to repeat the procedure the instant the release latch starts to bind agin happy motoring.

JERRY88GW replied:
Know my window wont go up or down. When I oporate the moter, I can hear things moving, clanking, but the window doesn't move. I guess the window has poped off the tracks or something.

ClarkGriswald replied:
I just tore into my tailgate finnaly, my entire driver side track is missing.. so that whole side of the window is riding in NO TRACK of any kind. and the bottom rail is coming off on that side. No wonder its not raising on its own

-joe replied:
There's a good write up on repairing the tailgate on this site under the TECH/ section. The new channels etc can be had through the dealer.

JERRY88GW replied:
I ripped the tailgate off today, and found that the track had rusted in half!! The window wasn't even connected to the track anymore. $44 for a new track, $9 for the seal and $5 (a piece) for the retainer clips for the dealer. What a rip-off!

FSJman replied:
mine gets stuck when going up so i put a regular toggle switch in place of the original momentery on switch so i can go back and help it up

Ralph replied:
Jerry, cancel that order with the dealer! You are about to be ripped off!
I bought a pair of tracks fpr $23 apiece from Specialty Jeeparts, whose website is You might also check on their price for a track and retainer clips. (Or call Jeff Kennedy at 614-879-7283, because I saw a bag of them in his stockpile.)

As for the "seal," or "cushion," forget about it. If you really want one I'll send you mine for free, except that it's missing about an inch that I used.

Go back to previous posts on this subject dated June 29 ("Tailgate Glass & Hardware Repair Ideas"), and June 24 ("tailgate glass replacement"), and also go through the various articles in the Tech section under the heading "FSJ Tailgate Tech."

According to the principles of Zen, you will then "be the tailgate," ready to engage the quality, or "Dharma," of the perfect tailgate repair job.

JERRY88GW replied:
Thanks Ralph,
It's prepaid so I'm not sure if I can cancel. So, your saying that I don't need the "cusion" or "seal"?

Ralph replied:
Right. You don't need the cushion. When these windows were first assembled, the cushion was rolled into the folding section of the metal channel with a machine before mounting onto the glass, a process that is impossible to duplicate in a repair job.
I've fixed my tailgate window channel twice, once with a cushion held in place by two-part epoxy (the way an old Jeep mechanic told me to), and the second time with silicon caulk. Not only was the caulk much, much easier to use, it has also provided a more even and secure bond along the length of the channel and glass. It just felt really solid before I put it back into the tailgate.

As for your "prepaid" auto parts, the dealer can simply run a "credit/return" transaction and restore the money to your credit card. I know this, because I'm in the credit card business. As a dealer, they won't suffer any significant loss, and even if they do it's their own fault for marking up the prices of parts so much.

In this last respect, consider it both your right and privilege to help force down the prices of parts by buying where the deals are best. This website and the internet overall (like eBay) are great for this.

andy d replied:
yeah,what Ralph said,heck,i thot my dealer was ripping me off @1.50 for thse clips. a 50cent "e"clip from a hardware store will do the job.when i was quoted the 40 something price for the side channel, i took 2 busted ones and made a goodun.prolly killeda good hour or so doing it too.cant help it,fixit,improvise,make do,its a genetic thing. helps having 2 parts rigs too. my last glass cost me a c-note from the"recyclers". new they run around twice that.

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