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Old 04-11-2008, 05:47 AM
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My home owners association has most of the wierd non-operational lawn ornaments, yadda yadda yadda, but I found that if said ornament was on a trailer, they could say nothing about it, because the trailer was operational

Just fuel for thought.

Wayne S
My license plate says "Crazy" not stupid

1971 J4000 Buick 350/TH400 "Terra"
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Old 04-11-2008, 06:59 AM
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Good job on the investagation and the meeting results. Maybe they all know your neigbor or, they don't want to move their cars too. Good thing is, now they know your not a push over and should do their homework also.
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Old 04-11-2008, 07:03 AM
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I say hit on her....relentlessly. Hopefully she will be so mad at you that it will totaly make her sick to think about it. Then again, if she's not repulsed by the idea, you may have to take one for the team.
Mark B. Jones

Originally Posted by GrandWag&Prix
Actually, now that I think about it, that could be either awesome or really terrible.

'79 Cherokee Chief "Junaluska"
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Old 04-11-2008, 07:47 AM
Gone,But not Forgotten.
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This is getting interesting, HOA Gorilla tactics.
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Old 04-11-2008, 07:50 AM
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Originally Posted by jjallen
This is what happened. After the ordinance violation, I went through town and took pictures of every vehicle out of compliance like mine which came out to 76 in total. Then I read up on the ordinances at the town hall and later that night, went to the council meeting. I presented the new information and pointed out about 35 other ordinance violations which needed addressed and the bottom line was, the President of the council told the ordinance officer to back off. I do have to get it licensed though, no big deal.

Nice job. While it is funny to read the ideas of others some of the ideas would keep it escalating between the two of you and make you look that much more guilty.

Someone mentioned the harrassment aspect of it. You might want to consider filing for a Personal Protection Order / Restraining Order or whatever they call it in PA against her. Even if the Judge denies it, it is on record that you attempted to get one against her and helps in documenting the UNPROVOKED complaints she is making against you.
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Old 04-11-2008, 09:05 AM
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Alot of states carry a law on the books that if someone keeps reporting you fraudulently, they can be brought up on charges of fraud and stuck in jail. You have to get the ball rolling but it will work. I know someone who's ex-wife kept bringing report him for child abuse. After the 10th, time, he talked to his lawyer and got the ball rolling. She got brought up on federal fraud charges and spent some time in jail, and because of the jail time, lost all rights to her daughter. Worked out great for him.
Edelbrock intake,Carter Competition Carb, mild cam, HEI Distributor, S-10 Steering box, 3 inch body lift, 3.5 inch AAL lift, GM truck shackles, 2 inch rear blocks, 33x12.50's
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Old 04-11-2008, 10:12 AM
tmssldn tmssldn is offline
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First, let me say congratulations jjallen for getting it worked out.

Now Casey, all I was saying was that the judge was correct in saying that ignorance is not a defense. I was just trying to inform people. I have nothing against you or what you were doing. If we lived closer I would have offered to help out with your project or at least come over and watched you work.

I think most ordinance banning vehicles are stupid. They were passed by a bunch of people who think that we all need new cars and they should only go to the dealer for service. I think that we need to remember that one man’s treasure is another man’s trash. While we all enjoy our Jeeps, the newer one just don’t have the same feel, but I don’t think that it is unreasonable to assume that others would see them as junk. I think that everyone here would agree. But since you honored me with a two-post reply I figure I should at least response.

Originally Posted by Casey
You know every law on the books? are good.

Never claimed I did, but that doesn’t make me any less liable or negate the fact that all of us are required to know the applicable law. I do try to have a good understanding of the laws that apply to me. Why would I need to know anymore – especially the ones where you live? I do research things when I need to. Most jurisdictions have there code online.

A previous HOA that I lived had all of these rules and regulations, like most do. However, before I moved in (and accepted the rules of living there) I read the contract and realized the contract didn’t have a penalty clause. As long as you were paying your dues and not violating a city ordinance they couldn’t touch you. I followed the rules I would have followed anyways and didn’t follow the rules I didn’t care for. They started sending notices and warning, but I politely pointed out to them that they had no authority over me and they should talk to the person who forgot to put in a penalty clause. They stopped sending me notices and politely asked me to keep quiet about the lack of their actual authority. I have never had a friendlier HOA before or since.

Originally Posted by Casey
Duh, obviously. The U.S. Supreme Court is the final say in the matter.

Actually there are many legal matters where the U.S. Supreme Court isn’t the final say. We have a limited federal system where multiple jurisdictions interact with overlapping authority. If the issue was an entirely state issue then the federal gov’t would have absolutely no authority.

Originally Posted by Casey
Speeding is a stupid analogy.
There is a sign on the road that tells you the current limit for speed of travel.

Speeding is a stupid analogy; that is specifically why I used it! I’m glad that didn’t escape you. It is called reductio ad absurdum or taking an argument to the extreme absurdity. I was taking your argument – that ignorance is a defense – and showing you that it was ridiculous. Apparently, you agree with me.

Originally Posted by Casey
IMO that's taxation without representation.

Did you vote? If you voted then how is it without representation? And if you didn’t then that is your fault.

Originally Posted by Casey
Did you read the part where I said they sent me a letter with corrective action to be taken? It said "bring the vehicle up to date with a current tag or move inside a completely enclosed structure".

Yes, but did I say that the judge was correct in fining you or did I say the judge was correct on the legal authority about ignorance of the law?

Originally Posted by Casey
'Splain that one, Matlock.

One last thing, how did you know my name was Matlock?
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Old 04-11-2008, 10:38 AM
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My recommendation, 6-8' stockade fence. Installed 1' onto your property.

Inside painted or stained. Outside painted High Vis green. The 1' onto your property will ensure that they cannot change the color, and that you can go back and touch it up as needed.

High vis green=
Dan G
91 GrandWag
MSD Mag Dizzy, MSD 6A
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