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Old 09-18-2018, 05:57 PM
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Holley Sniper EFI 2BBL experience

Hey all,
I have started the process of installing the new Sniper EFI specifically made for the AMC 258. This is going on my '74 Cherokee S with a T15 mated to it the I6. I drove this Jeep from MD to CO about a month ago and the old 1BBL Carter carb wasn't cutting it anymore. The bowls leaked fluid like a sieve and it meant that I was getting the jerry can out to pour gas in the carb anytime it sat for more than a day. The real inspiration to start was when I installed new rear brakelines it sat for a number of days and I think what was left of the carb gaskets really the bed.

So far I have installed an inline fuel pump, close to the tank with a filter. Luckily I had forethought when I did the EZ wiring harness to string the Electric Fuel pump circuit back to the tailgate for safe keeping until I did a fuel pump upgrade. Drilled a hole out of the pickup and installed a return fitting. and ran the lines up to the bay. I have punched a 3/4" hole in the exhaust for the O2 sensor though I don't think that my kit came with their clamp on bung (or I lost it very quickly). They are sending me another one now. Unfortunately I do not have a welder or I would just weld a bung on.

So far there have been a few hickups, one is that this kit was made for the 2BBL intake manifold, seeing as I have the earlier cast version I had to order a 1BBL to 2BBL adapter plate. Eventually I would like to put an Offy or Cliff intake manifold but the budget isn't there right now and the adapter was $26. The other issue I have right now is that the Temp sender is located next to the thermostat housing and is 1/8 NPT, whereas the kit came with a 3/8 NPT temp sender. I am going to look tonight for the later model's rear driver side temp sender location to see if that would work.

Seems like most of my problems are caused by the fact that I have the older style motor (metal valve cover), with a 1BBL manifold. If you have the later model 258 you should be relatively simple installation.

My next steps are wiring the unit into the Jeep, it should be fairly easy compared to completely rewiring it two months ago.

Other projects I am "underway" is putting junkyard leaf springs under the old and super sagged original main leaf. Hoping to gain roughly 4" of lift but at this point even factory ride height would be a vast improvement. Also the axle wrap under acceleration is fierce and has the whole Jeep shaking under even moderate load. Second project, I have a Warn 8274 that my GF bought me for my birthday (I know, she's a keeper) and I want to figure out a mounting solution that only occupies the middle section of the 3 piece bumper. That one is a bit further out and I think I'll need that welder first.

As an aside; Are you located near or around Boulder CO and can you drink beer at it with me?
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Old 09-19-2018, 04:26 PM
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Followup 9.19.18

I have been talking with Holley and trying to coordinate what I can do for the temp sender. The existing temp sender is next to the thermostat housing and I cannot drill and tap for a 3/8 NPT there because of clearance issues. The later model temp sender location is there but blank, I am leaning towards putting the new one for the Sniper there.

The guy at Holley gave me the blue block picture with 2 ports indicated. These are located on the driver side underneath the intake/exhaust manifolds and currently have vacuum ports threaded into them, for a while before I noticed them were left completely open. So I doubt that I can use those for a temp sender because it wasn't shooting coolant out when uncapped.

What are your thoughts on this temp sender placement? Should I drill and tap the top of the head for the later style placement?

Pics of the existing temp sender location, later style temp sender location, and Holley's suggested vacuum port(?) locations are at the following imgur link.

<blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/HPiuUth"><a href="//">74 Jeep AMC 258 Temp sender locations</a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>
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Old 09-19-2018, 04:29 PM
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the block holes should be fine
CTO(s) do not mix coolant in vacuum ports/lines.
They use heat of coolant to open/close ports to vacuum ports/lines.
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