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Old 03-06-2002, 11:43 AM
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Good topic for the month! I'm hoping to do all new pipes on my '78 J10 in April, so good place/time for a couple thoughts/questions.

I've got a 258, 4 speed on this one, and looking just to go basically "stock" exhaust format, but I'll need to replace all the pipes/muffler. Not much left there right now! I've priced the parts and "can" order them, but the price has gone up considering in little over a year. I'd priced it at about $125 a little over a year ago. Could get a "custom" job(same thing, just all custom bent) done for about $145 around the same time. Now, the price for the just the parts is like $160. I haven't checked with the guy who can do the custom job, but gather he might be a little higher too by now.'s what I'm thinking:

What if I remove the exhaust pipe(first chunk), take it in and have a new one bent to it's form. Get a new muffler, measure "exact" dimensions and bends for a tailpipe(can use my '77 as a guide there!), and just get custom bent "pipes" and install myself? Not sure about pricing, but does this sound like a workable route? I'm CHEAP, so bear that in mind....if I can save $20, I will! I don't mind doing the work myself(did my '77 a few years ago). Also...I'd prefer to give the $$$ to the custom guy(he's into old relics like ours!) than a farm/fleet where I'd order the parts otherwise.

So, I'm wondering..this would be "stock format", but "custom done".....sound feasible? Ya think?


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