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Old 07-05-2004, 04:16 PM
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So, a couple of months ago, I fixed my headlights. "Good" I said, "one problem less". Of course, next day, the A/C refuses to give cold air...

It took me two sessions of wrenching to get it back.

Engine stopped, but key in run I could hear the solenoid engaging the A/C. While driving I could feel the load of the compressor on the engine (change in RPM/noise). So I knew:
- my compressor is good.
- I have enough pressure
- The fuse is good

dropped the ducts, and checked voltage on the blower motor: 0V
unmount dash, and remove A/C controls. Umount the A/C / heat switch, and take it apart. It was like the headlight switch: after 15years, the copper tracks are covered with a black residue from all the sparks, and don't conduct electricity. Cleaned the switch tracks, re-assembled, reinstalled:
Rats, still no blower (I could get heat though)

Took a voltmeter, and measured:
- 12V on the white wire entering that switch
- when A/C on, 12V on the thin green/black, and on the pink.
But on the fan speed control switch: 0V
(the twin brother showed 12V when heat is on)
Tested for open in the resistors (driver side rear of the duct) : nope.
The A/C control module also looked OK (black box close to accelerator pedal on rear of duct too).

I finally found that it was the relay (blue cube of 1"x1"x1"). That relay is just hanging in the middle of the wiring on its plug. Replaced it (Kragen:$20), re-assembled:
and now, my A/C is back !

One last detail: when you pull out the A/C controls, chance are that you will unconnect one of the two thin vacuum lines that connect to a silver cylinder about in the middle bottom of the dash. Don't forget to put it back after reassembling the dash.

Good Luck to all.
"La Goulue", '89 GW, reman. stock 360 with MSD6D & TBI, 727/229, 131K miles, 31x10.5 BFG AT.
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