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Old 11-30-2000, 04:47 AM
Narnian Narnian is offline
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On the pro-Jection problem, Ralph pointed out that we did not hook up a vacuum line to the CTO.
What does the CTO get hooked up to on the Pro-Jection? I was under the impression that the CTO kept the EGR valve from opening when the engine was cold.

At any rate, there are two vacuum ports on the throttle body that I left unconnected and plugged - Manifold vacuum and EGR port. What should the manifold vacuum be connected to on the Edelbrock manifold?

360 w/Holley Fuel Injection, Edelbrock manifold, NP219, 3.31, 33's, no fuzzy dice (yet)
AND an 86 Corvette & 87 GMC Jimmy (Jimmy soon to be for sale)
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Old 11-30-2000, 10:05 AM
Wagthe78 Wagthe78 is offline
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Hope you get this thang runnin' right!

Okay, here's what I know about this stuff. Ain't sayin' it's much, but it's better than not hooking it up. Mine is a 78, so think accordingly.

1. There are two CTO switches on my rig. Passenger side is two port EGR and Driver's side is three port vacuum advance.

2. Back manifold vac. on throttle body is the same as direct manifold vac. (I used on the warm air system of air cleaner, before I disconnected the *#$ *% @ ...

3. The ports across the front of the body are from pass. to driver's side in this order. EGR, PCV (large one), canister purge (plugged on mine--I ain't got no stinkin' canister), and far right spark port.

4. The three port vacuum advance CTO by the thermo. is connected this way: Center is to vacuum advance at Dist. Closest to thermo housing is connected to Throttle body spark port (for regular advance vacuum) AND the upper port is connected to MANIFOLD vacuum to give you full vacuum to the distrib. when the beast is cold. I didn't need to grab mine from the manifold port behind the body, 'cause the stock manifold has manifold vac. ports up front. Maybe you will need to use it.

Hope it helps !!! Please post when you solve all these performance blues.

'78 wagon with 360,Holley TBI, 4-speed
"Built to Spin"
("to spin" as in "rotate motor",not as in "abuse Danas")

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