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View Poll Results: How much money have you sunk into your FSJ?
Over $10000 162 15.21%
$5000 - $10000 270 25.35%
$2500 - 5000 261 24.51%
$1000 - $2500 231 21.69%
Less than $1000 141 13.24%
Voters: 1065. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 03-15-2014, 08:49 AM
RED88's Avatar
RED88 RED88 is offline
232 I6
Join Date: Jan 26, 2014
Location: olympia wa
Posts: 26
i'll never admit

don't want to know, cant hear you, or see receipts. Kept all receipts since I started previous build on 85 GW. that one just started to rot away so I ( at request from wife, yeah she's a keeper) got to buy one super clean 88 off a lot close to home.
paid to much 6500.00 but again she said " he wants 10000.00 for it whatever you get it for you spend the rest on parts " did I say keep her?.
Most parts I bought back in 2005-06 so I saved a little , but I am going thru this one to make it a " jump in and drive 1000 miles w/o problems" rig, yeah right.
10g's is all I'm admitting to heeheeeheee
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Old 03-15-2014, 10:12 AM
will e's Avatar
will e will e is offline
Always Broke
Join Date: Nov 16, 2001
Location: Mesa AZ
Posts: 9,996
I am in one of the top two. I am not sure I have hit the 10K mark yet.
Part of it is I used parts from my waggy.
Jeep - 800
paint - 2500
SOA/SF 1200 (maybe more)
gears 800 (installed approximate)
tires/wheels 2000
Bumper/roll bar 1400
Atlas 3200 (approximate including extra parts, drive shaft shortening, etc)
Seats ???
Becool radiator $500 or so
spare axle shafts $100
Chrome molly rear shafts $300 << I think
Having the front grill chromed was like $300, maybe a little more.

well, heck, that got me close to the 10K mark. And I just grabbed a snowfighter D60 with an ARB in it for $2K and I will probably spend another $1K on it and a rear 14 Bolt. New tires and wheels will set me back another $2K

From the wagooneer:
401 which I paid $2300 (it was rebuilt)
nice stereo probably set me back a grand but I put it together over the years.
ARB rear/aussie up front
Tuffy console
truck avenger
I forget what else.

It has been over years and years so I don't notice it much. And I have picked up good deals on stuff by watching and being ready.
The Jeep and Mustang are my only two hobbies that cost money. That and backpacking, I have spend some cash on backpacking stuff.
82 Cherokee WT – SFwith Alcan/agr box/Borgeson shaft/ 401/performer/Holley TA/HEI/BeCool/727/ALTAS(2.0/2.72/5.44)/D60 Snofighter(Yukon Zip,hubs,stubs,4.56)/14 Bolt (FF,BF shave,Discs, ARB,Artec Truss)/MTR 37/Corbeau Moab Seats /Hella/tuffy console/sliders/custombumpers&roll bar/WARN 8000/steering brace/CO2 Tank/dual batts/custom TCskid plate

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Old 04-04-2014, 03:30 PM
AMC-J/20's Avatar
AMC-J/20 AMC-J/20 is offline
Master Mechanic
Join Date: Dec 17, 2009
Location: Madison, WI
Posts: 1,326

I got about $900 into the '89 Grand-Wagoneer. Runs and drives great with new 30" Bridgestone Dueler AT tires and HiPo aluminum radiator I figure I basically bought the tires and radiator making the Jeep pretty much a freebie

1953 REO M48.
1962 GMC C3000.
1969 AMC AMX-390 Resto.
1971 AMC/Jeep J4000DRW.
1983 AMC Eagle project SX/290.
1988 AMC/Jeep project MJ/343.
1989 Jeep GrandWagoneer.
1991 Dodge Ram-Charger.

A M C Means Jeep to me

Last edited by AMC-J/20 : 04-04-2014 at 03:35 PM.
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Old 08-15-2014, 09:13 PM
RWrightPhotog's Avatar
RWrightPhotog RWrightPhotog is offline
Gear Head
Join Date: Jun 07, 2011
Location: Columbus, Georgia
Posts: 639
I need to vote again lol I have a lot more in my FSJs now. I think since I voted in this thread I've gained three more.

1982 Jeep Wagoneer Limited 360
1979 Jeep Cherokee 4-Door 258
1979 Jeep Cherokee Chief 360
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Old 08-16-2014, 04:15 PM
Tinkerjeep's Avatar
Tinkerjeep Tinkerjeep is offline
Join Date: Mar 01, 2009
Location: Redneck-populated Flyover Country, USA
Posts: 3,662
It depends: I've been driving my 4-door J20 it since 1990. I've owned it since 1996. I've been fixing and modding it since 1997-8. I turned it into a 4-door in 2004-2006.

You can't put a dollar amount on something you intend to keep for a long time, you just have to realize its a long term investment and your choices are limited to a few options, make expensive monthly payments and trade in a 4-year old truck for a new one to avoid long-term maintenance costs; or by $20 cars and when they break down sell them to the scrapyard for $250.

Or do what most of us here do, build it to drive it on a fairly regular basis and have fun with it.

If you are spending money on a truck or car you actually drive and you expect to increae the resale value on are delusional. Most guys want something they can either:
1) rebuild and make their own, so your mods will likely get removed anyway and sold on Craigslist, or boxed; or...
2) want to drive it, so it will need to be reliable, so "unreliable" performance mods will likely be singled out for the Craiglist adds; or...
3) Will want to strip it and turn it into a radical offroad only rig, so most of your rig will get hacked, dented and broken.

I have no good idea how much money I have put into my various Jeeps over the years. Really, the only person who cares is the person who thinks its not worth it.
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Old 08-17-2014, 07:36 PM
Eighty3Zwagon's Avatar
Eighty3Zwagon Eighty3Zwagon is offline
I have never been more filthy in my life
Join Date: Apr 12, 2014
Location: Middle Tennessee
Posts: 59
$750 for Wagon - drove her home from auction a tense 30 minutes since we had just met and all.
$100 all new fluids, tune up - Drive it every weekend to see what needs to be fixed as it sat around for a few years.
$60 buck to get all windows working - flex tracks and on motor
$??? Mildew remover / Odo-Ban, and still smells like butt. I love her so much though.
$100 - 727 Trans, and NP 229, didn't need it, but from what I hear it is not bad to have spare parts, and heck for the price I couldn't pass it up.
$500 at $20 a pop on stuff probably

I have already had enough fun to make up for the expenses, past and future. I didn't buy it to make a profit (clearly), but to make some memories and fulfill some dreams.
1983 Wagoneer Limited - Stock (AKA - Beauty)
1988 / 35th Anniversary Corvette Triple white
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Old 08-23-2014, 05:50 AM
lastrealcherokee's Avatar
lastrealcherokee lastrealcherokee is offline
232 I6
Join Date: Jun 27, 2014
Location: Lakeland, FL
Posts: 100
Traded 95 Astro for my 83 Cherokee. Paid $800 for the Astro and drove it for
3 years. I dont count fluids or general maintance. I figure I got my moneys worth
out of driving the Astro so I consider it a wash and that made the Cherokee
free. I have spent about $100 on parts that were missing from the good folks here.
Spent $40 to get exhaust welded. $1.63 on washers to stop valve cover leak. So
I have $141.63 in my FSJ. It has been my daily driver for 3000 miles now. 6 cyl auto
136,000 miles on her now. I love this wagon!
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Old 08-23-2014, 02:32 PM
theawful theawful is offline
Join Date: Aug 18, 2014
Location: Fairbanks Alaska
Posts: 12
1980 J10 6cylinder, 4speed, 4wheel drive............$500.00
New Freeze plug heater.....................................$215.00
Front shocks & stabilizer....................................$100 .00

$1560, for extra heater in cab and plumbed in, radiator pressure tested leaks fixed, correct carb bought and installed, rear brakes and man labor.

$300.00, for battery, battery hold down, air filter, fuel filter, rubber fuel line.

Getting ready to change the rear leaf spring buckets, build a flatbed and put an Ox - locker in the rear end.

Last edited by theawful : 04-11-2015 at 08:06 PM.
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Old 08-24-2014, 12:01 AM
MJMadness MJMadness is offline
232 I6
Join Date: Sep 26, 2005
Posts: 98
I'm at $276.77

$250 - Paid for it
$15.14 - Title search and postage fees
$11.63 - Registered Letter to last registered owner with forms to release it to me

Granted it does not run or drive, and looks like hell, and it is stuck on my trailer.

I'll be at over $300 before I can get it registered in my name... Then I can start doing stuff to it.
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Old 09-08-2014, 12:57 PM
MadMax78's Avatar
MadMax78 MadMax78 is offline
258 I6
Join Date: May 26, 2010
Location: Alexander, AR
Posts: 289

What's this money stuff you talk about? Never had/have any. Jeep sucks it up quicker than I can make it.
78 Cherokee Chief, Wide Track, 360, TH400, Quadra Trac, SOA, 35" BFG KM2, Edelbrock Carb & Intake
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Old 09-16-2014, 06:10 AM
mokurt mokurt is offline
Grease Monkey
Join Date: Feb 23, 2014
Location: Hollister,Ca
Posts: 431
So far about $150

Stiil need to replace the front knuckle seals.
Rear axle seal.
TC seals.
1967 J2000
1985 CJ7
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Old 09-17-2014, 08:23 PM
MMinMN's Avatar
MMinMN MMinMN is offline
232 I6
Join Date: Nov 30, 2009
Location: Lake Wobegon, Minnesota
Posts: 176
All in at about $2,500-$3,000 so far
includes AZ Chief plus shipping to MN
401(rebuilt - maybe)
2 Xtra T18A's(1 Ford, 1 Jeep - for mockup/conversion)
89 Maroon Leather Waggy Interior for swap

Guessing another $10K to get it where I want it
1979 Cherokee Chief W/T - M/T: Project
1987 Grand Wagoneer W/Excellent Interior: Project Donor
And the past:
1979 Bronze Cherokee Golden Eagle W/T - 360 A/T
1978 Charcoal Gray Cherokee Chief W/T - 401 A/T
1966 Navy Wagoneer w/Vigilante 327 M/T
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Old 03-23-2015, 10:01 PM
rockrollin's Avatar
rockrollin rockrollin is offline
Grease Monkey
Join Date: Apr 19, 2012
Location: Grand Haven, Mi
Posts: 287
Originally Posted by RWrightPhotog
I need to vote again lol I have a lot more in my FSJs now. I think since I voted in this thread I've gained three more.
Me too
I've more than doubled my vote cost, closer to triple.
OI!IIII!IO "I like fun" Eddie Ott
Clawed 90 GW
Slightly off stock
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Old 03-30-2015, 04:06 PM
Stuana Stuana is offline
Join Date: Jan 17, 2015
Location: Hawaii
Posts: 11
OK if gas, oil changed (full service inc transmission) and radiator flush don't qualify then here is my breakdown of expenses.
87' Jeep GW $800
delivery $100
exhaust muffler and tailpipe+3clamps+2 exhaust frame attachments from amazon $129
2x electrical relays $30
other electrical misc $30
Neutral safety switch $18
3x flex rack gear things for the electric windows $90
window weather stripping $130
new battery $140
steering wheel puller $20
Total $1487

However many many hours to seek out all those electrical problems, do the exhaust myself, the full service and the window flex racks.
I may have to change out the alternator and I will change the 2 back shocks and figure out the vacuum system. Atleast the truck is up and running again and now its ready for the safety inspection.
I am not going to cut out the minor rust or repaint the car. Items that do not work will remain this way until perhaps the next owner. I like it as is.
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Old 04-02-2015, 08:45 AM
treeturner1962 treeturner1962 is offline
Join Date: Nov 28, 2014
Location: Maine
Posts: 28
Ok... by trade I am a Finance guy, with an MA in Finance. This probably means I know a good investment when I see it. In other words.. A great ROI ( return on Investment). NOPE... what I have done makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I have dumped over $12,000 in upgrades... Fuel injection, tailgate, Electrical, A little bodywork - paint. suspension, new interior. Topping it all off with custom steel bumpers from BJ's, extended gas tank and new tires.
I don't care.... here is something to console anyone who has been down my path.

When you buy NEW furniture for your house... it is the worst investment a person can ever make. It is worth anything but firewood in a few years. At least I can look at my Wagonneer as depreciating the same and it's still not going to be worth much, but I have had a blast using it and driving around exploring the country with it. Life is Short... enjoy your RIG.
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Old 04-02-2015, 10:47 AM
DieselSJ's Avatar
DieselSJ DieselSJ is offline
Bleedin' Gasoline
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Location: QC, AZ
Posts: 1,917
Originally Posted by DieselSJ
I'm afraid to add it up.

With engine, trans, adapters, body/paint, etc... I'm easily at the $10K point and I'm not quite done yet.

New injection pump
Complete new intake setup
Razor grill swap
9.5" 14 bolt just keeps going and going and going...
-87 Grand, 6.5L diesel, MHI TE06H turbo, Water/air intercooler, Art Carr 700R4, CS-130, hydroboost. 21/24mpg, dead 229 [Custom 242 on the way]
-99 XJ Limited.
-Jeepspeed 1717 -Built 4.0, FAST EFI, Rubicon Express, Bilstein, Rigid Industries, 4 Wheel Parts, G2 Axle, Currie Enterprises
-Member, FSJ Prissy Restoration Association
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Old 04-05-2015, 03:23 PM
Atla's Avatar
Atla Atla is offline
Grease Monkey
Join Date: Jun 13, 2012
Location: Morganton NC
Posts: 308
I would vote...but I suspect my amount is going to exponentially increase as the build continues.
My '83 J-10 Rebuild
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Old 04-29-2015, 06:26 AM
87briarwood's Avatar
87briarwood 87briarwood is offline
Join Date: Jan 09, 2015
Location: New Jersey
Posts: 25
im not sure theres a calculator that goes up that high.

i work any fix it myself for the love of doing it.

imo theres still no cooler looking pickup around than
a j-series.
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Old 05-02-2015, 10:52 PM
Pavementsux91XJ Pavementsux91XJ is offline
Join Date: Nov 19, 2009
Location: Livermore, CA
Posts: 120
Since it came back around. ..

197? J10 ish thing that was pieced together from other j trucks and with 4 hours of labor to fix his tractor.

Engine/trans freeish. Bought wifes wrecked truck from ins. Parted out to be about a wash.

Axles. 800 front d60 150 rear d60 with spun bearing races. 150 for good d60.

Everythjng else: 6 grand.

So I'm around 7 grand right now I'll have 3 more in paint within the month and im assuming on another grand before we're done.

Grand total 11,000
Trail Rig: 1991 XJ on 3/4 tons and 38's
Tow Rig: 2002 Dodge 2500 CTD 4x4

And the only one anybody here cares about:

Huntin Rig/ Mild Trail Rig: 1973(must be late because it has all 74 parts) Jeep J10, 360/t18/d20. 3" lift on 33's. Runnin Great! Awaiting body work and flatbed!
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Old 05-04-2015, 01:37 PM
Probesport's Avatar
Probesport Probesport is offline
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Location: Metro Detroit
Posts: 155
Not enough, and probably more than I should. But I do car stuff and haven't had a car payment since 1999 so any funds that go into my vehicles are worth it to me.

I've only put a few thousand in so far and I've just scratched the surface. I save receipts and write up work orders for the next caretaker - they can add it up if they would like.

All that said, I have a lot more into tools than I do cars, that's the one I really don't want to know the number of.
Ken S.
Jeep toy: 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer
Megasquirt EFI
: Heated Seats : Blower fix : Driving light brackets : Shorty headers : Coil Packs : Electric Fans
Prior Jeeps: 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ, 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
Other toys: 1930 Model A (Hotrod), 1997 Ford Probe Turbo, 2000 Jaguar XJ8, 2005 VW Touareg
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