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Old 04-03-2017, 03:12 AM
KiwiWagoneer KiwiWagoneer is offline
Join Date: Jul 23, 2016
Location: Auckland
Posts: 28
Hood insulation advice - pros and cons

Hi there, inexperienced questions ahead, so thanks for helping...

So my 1990GW came without lining in the hood, I'm wanting to clean up this area, but wanted opinions on either replacing the insulation or keeping it bare.

I'm guessing it will drop the noise, but increase the heat? What sort of temp increases are likely - I believe the previous owner did the cam, and definitely headers, 4bbl carb and air cleaner, so I'm guessing the insulation came out at that time.

I like the sound, not the look, but I wouldn't want to get it hotter than needed. Leaning towards a good clean, but if there is any advantages to hood insulation that I don't know of, would like to learn.

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Old 04-03-2017, 11:53 AM
yossarian19 yossarian19 is offline
258 I6
Join Date: Nov 13, 2016
Location: Grass Valley, CA
Posts: 402
Some hood mats are designed with plastic fasteners that melt in the event of engine fire, dropping a fire-containing blanket on top of the motor.
I sincerely doubt that the FSJ hood liners are designed to do that though I couldn't say because mine is missing too.
I wouldn't bother re-lining it until you are seriously running out of things to do with the Jeep.
You might add sound deadener elsewhere, though.
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Old 04-03-2017, 10:32 PM
ZackN920's Avatar
ZackN920 ZackN920 is offline
350 Buick
Join Date: Nov 18, 2015
Location: Stephenson County, IL
Posts: 925
How's your paint? Mines junk (no clearcoat, faded, and on one edge of my hood, thin)
If your paint isn't the best, don't worry about the heat. That's all the insulation protects. Doesn't aid to anything else heat related.

When I bought my wagon, it had all of them still in the hood. Last summer the bypass hose blew on the engine and sprayed hot radiator fluid on the center section of the hood(and on the engine... )
Well, as a result the glue let go and that section fell out. I just threw it away because of it deteriorating, and not ever fully drying after a few weeks. Anyway's, I couldn't ever tell a difference when it came to sound deadening. Still sounds the same up front. Though, I do have louder exhaust...
1990 Grand Wagoneer-"The Wagon"
AMC 360, TF727, NP229, 2.72 gears, 2" lift
Rancho 44044 springs, Rusty's 2" AAL, TFI w/ MSD C/R
...not too rusty anymore
Lots of patina and my daily driver.

The others
Too many to list here anymore...
I got a problem with collecting cars...
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Old 04-04-2017, 06:16 AM
TexasJ10's Avatar
TexasJ10 TexasJ10 is offline
360 AMC
Join Date: Jan 03, 2002
Location: Houston, Texas
Posts: 2,774
I don't think the original insulation was ever there for sound suppression. I will probably add something back to mine solely because I don't like the steam rising off of it when it rains. I had a guy ask me one time if my engine was on fire as I was stuck in traffic in a rain.
* 1981 stepside, 360, 727, 208, almost stock daily driver.
* 1982 Laredo j-10, 360, 727, in rough shape and in the process of being rebuilt with 401, NV4500, Klune,
. NP205,d60 front, d70 rear, fender work and minimal lift. It will probably take 10 years
* 1973 jcab mounted on 1983 j20 frame. 360/t18/208 d44/d60. Almost completed
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Old 04-04-2017, 07:58 AM
SOLSAKS's Avatar
304 AMC
Join Date: Jul 25, 2016
Location: Benson. NC
Posts: 1,617
dynamat makes a hoodliner
with adhesive on one side
foam in middle then an aluminum layer on outside
takes 2 rolls, that you will need to cut into shapes
that match hood underside.
SOLSAKS - dave
1976 J-10 HONCHO Fleetside
1982 J-10 Fleetside
1988 grand wagoneer
2004 RUBICON jeep
Benson, NC
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Old 04-04-2017, 09:19 PM
KiwiWagoneer KiwiWagoneer is offline
Join Date: Jul 23, 2016
Location: Auckland
Posts: 28
Thanks for the responses, good to learn about the paint protection aspect of it. Makes a lot of sense. I'll respray the hood and then install it. Until then I'll fry eggs.
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Old 04-10-2017, 05:59 PM
tensley tensley is offline
Join Date: Apr 18, 2014
Location: Alabama
Posts: 25
I used

thermal duct insulation made by Frost King. You can get it at Home Depot for $19.00. It has a aluminum/reflective look to it. I took the hood off and placed it upside down on a set of padded saw horses. It took 1 and a half rolls. It is a sticky back, so just cut and put it in place. I used aluminum tape for the seams and a roller to put it down with even pressure. I have had it on for about 9 months with no issues what so ever. It also acts as a sound deadner. The hood doesn't have that hollow metal sound when I close it. More like a thud sound now. I tried to attach a picture but it exceeded the size used on this site.
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