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Old 05-18-2011, 06:51 PM
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Tailgate window question

Ok, who can figure this one out.
My tailgate window works great from the dash switch, up and down without problem.

The key switch in the tailgate is new, the wiring to the key switch is new and has been done per the schematic for the 79yr.

When I use the key the motor is slow (up or down) and trips the circuit breaker. I've even gone to a 40amp breaker instead of a 30amp.

What gives?!? Everyting seems to be the way it's supposed to be. When I'm inside the tailgate, with the window glass off the arms, the key switch moves it just fine. Put the glass on and close the gate and it's like the motor can't push it, it trips the breaker. Use the das switch and up she goes!

Any ideas??
79 Cherokee, 5.3Vortec/4L60E/241TC, daily driver, not quite finished
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Old 05-18-2011, 08:06 PM
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I didn't do the factory restore like your doing but there are several serious design flaws in the system one is the wiring & switches are not even close to big enough to carry 40 amps putting a 60 amp breaker on it won't work. The switches on the dash & key switch have tiny wires trying to carry all that curent. Want to see something funny? Take a volt meter & connect it to the motor wires & watch it with the tailgate closing go to less than 5 volts. Some of the wire in the circuit is low quality copper 14 guage & some of it is 16 guage. OH 14 Guage 20 amps barely & 16 guage 10 amps. I ran # 10 guage wire (30 amp) from the fuse to 2 realays one for up & one for down & the hooked the switches up to simply control the relays not carry the current. It works like a charm. Also making sure the window track is aligned with the body track when the window goes up & the tailgate is closed. You can adjust the tailgate to align. Because of the wiring though these things are famous for failure. Building a relay system to control them & enlarging the wiring to 30 amps work incredibly well. Do the volt metter test after you checkalignment & you'll see what I mean.
Good luck.
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