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Old 06-03-2019, 04:31 AM
wiley-moeracing wiley-moeracing is offline
350 Buick
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interesting that the platinum plugs would make that happen? more like the plug or plugs were damaged from the get go and or your coil/ ignition system is weak. if all else checks out you may have a burnt valve or a sticking valve...
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Old 06-03-2019, 08:28 AM
rang-a-stang's Avatar
rang-a-stang rang-a-stang is offline
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Yay! Progress!!!
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Old 06-05-2019, 11:42 AM
Ophale's Avatar
Ophale Ophale is offline
230 Tornado
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Hi wiley-moeracing, I was skeptical about plugs mattering too. I was offered a choice at the Oreilly-Zone... between the $2 plug (copper), $6 plug (platinum), and the $10 plug (iridium). Not receiving a PhD or performing any research on spark plugs, I naturally chose the middle price point. This strategy has served me well in the past, the cheap stuff is too cheap, the middle of road stuff usually balance quality, cost, and performance, and the expensive stuff usually gives minimum benefit for the increased cost, usually at the expense of reliability. Besides the Wagoneer project truck, I own two BMW, and a Toyota Tacoma. I can definitely tell you where the engineers leaned (performance vs. reliability) when deciding the components to use for each of the vehicles...

Anyway, over at the Jeep Forum there are a few threads discussing "which plug for the 258?". It seems several members suggesting "in there application" the platinum plugs didn't work out so well.

What I can cull from both of these threads is that Platnium plugs were designed for application where there are individual coils for each plug... Don't know if this true. However, there is a strong suggestion that the platinum plugs don't work as well as the copper ones in the 4.2L application with a distributer ignition. Then the threads degrade to the Autolite 985 vs. Champion RFN14LY tribe arguments...

Of course this could be just be a bias that seems to show up on forums where if something doesn't work out, you have a few "vocal" people commenting on the issue, while there is a 100,000 people that have experienced a positive outcome and have no need to comment. It gives the appearance that things are far worse than they really are...

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Old 06-05-2019, 12:03 PM
Ophale's Avatar
Ophale Ophale is offline
230 Tornado
Join Date: Apr 05, 2018
Location: Hawaii
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Originally Posted by rang-a-stang
Yay! Progress!!!

Hi rang-a-stang! Yes, progress! I have been stuck at this point for 6 months and started to loose interest because I had no good ideas to try. Once I put the plugs in and started the engine, I new right away it made a difference. No more gas smell in the exhaust and when I disengaged the choke, the engine idled at 0 port vacuum. This was huge, because now I can start the process of setting the fuel mixture screw. I need to fine tune things with the timing, but I will leave that for another day.

Next on the list:

I have a whole box of brake parts that need to be installed including new rotors and pads for the front axle, pads and drum brake kit for the rear axle, and a new hydraulic brake proportioning valve (rear axle seems to lock up prematurely)

After the brakes, I need to move on to the coolant system. My radiator is looking very sad but not leaking (probably because the fluid is 1 part coolant, 1 part H2O and 1 part stop leak...).

Finally, I need to address the little issues to make sure I can get the Wagoneer to pass a Hawaii State safety inspection. This will probably include addressing the gauges in the cluster (which I may need to lean on you for some expert advise), windshield washer fluid pump, running lights (hopefully just a blown bulb), and new safety belts for the font seats. I may need to weld in new floor boards as there are a few spots that seem a little thin with irregular ports that have excellent views of the tarmac below...

Maybe in a few months I will address the exterior rust and start improving the cosmetic issues. However, I'm beginning to see your "point of view" on leaving things alone and just driving it.

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