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Old 09-13-2020, 11:13 AM
jcgotie jcgotie is offline
230 Tornado
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Elderbrock Power Package on a 83 Wagoneer (350whp goal)

I was this kit ( and was wondering if anybody has done it to a Jeep? just bought a 83 wagoneer and was looking for alot more power (350-450), its gonna be for a street/offroad application.

Was also looking at fuel injection kits like this one (

would both work together? My budget is about 5-6k for the engine alone, Feel free to give me other ideas.

its a AMC 360 btw.

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Old 09-14-2020, 06:09 AM
7350life's Avatar
7350life 7350life is offline
230 Tornado
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I don't know anything about the Howell fuel injection kit, so maybe it will serve your goal(s) well. However, I think there might be better fuel injection options and for less money. Something like the MSD Atomic EFI Throttle Body System, as one example, is similar in its simplistic design, probably flows more air as a 4-barrel which should support more potential hp, and is cheaper.

For the same $1400 there are plenty of 4-barrel EFI options at Summit that won't choke down the Edelbrock 4-barrel intake and take advantage of the high-flowing heads.
1979 J10, 304 V8, 4-speed manual
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Old 09-14-2020, 08:56 AM
Ghinmi's Avatar
Ghinmi Ghinmi is offline
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350 whp is kind of a tall order for a 360, especially something that keeps decent street manners and doesn't need a super loose torque converter. A lot of what comes in that Edelbrock kit either isn't a good idea or isn't suitable for your goals. The heads are nice pieces though. The cam and intake manifold will not come close to your goal. And hard pass on the Edelbrock timing set. I would look more towards at a minimum a piston swap to get the compression up. Then the Edelbrock heads if the budget allows, and if not then a quick port job on the stock heads. Camshaft selection will depend a lot on the rest of the Jeep specs and your exact usage.

For the price of that antiquated Howell, you can have a nice Holley Sniper.
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Old 09-14-2020, 10:35 AM
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SC/397 SC/397 is offline
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I am with Ghinmi on this one. I don't think that the kit would make 300 HP on a 360 even with 10:1 compression ratio. I think that it would possibly make 383 HP on a 401 but wouldn't bet on it.
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