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Old 04-15-2015, 01:38 PM
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Originally Posted by ThisGuyUKnow
Just wanted to pop my head in and say I still do these harnesses to fund my jeep addiction, I've fine close to 15 or so if these for yjs cjs and even xjs so far everyone has liked the end result.

Man, oh man, why didn't I see this before I spent too many weeks thinning out my 4.0 harness to stick it into the J200!?!?

Are your harness set up for the AW4 Automatic Tanny, too?
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Old 04-15-2015, 03:41 PM
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Question: if I'm pulling a harness from a junkyard vehicle how do you prefer it? Just pulled at the firewall connector or what?

Looking at doing this to my CJ7 soon.
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Old 05-27-2015, 09:34 PM
jaynjeep jaynjeep is offline
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4.0 harness

I have a harness that I would like to get you to clean up for me. How should I get it to you?

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Old 05-28-2015, 09:06 PM
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With the HO setup (09/90 up to '95) everything except the auto trans controller is under the hood. I'm just going to make an adapter to go from the FSJ firewall connector to the EFI harness.
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Old 06-21-2015, 12:52 AM
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Hey guys in really sorry I don't regularly check this site any more and judging by the responses and pms, I may be remiss in doing so.

It is better to contact me at in regards to harnesses.

I've adjusted the prices a bit do to the reality of time and finding harnesses.

200 for a harness sent to me and ill cover the return shipping with that (generally 20 to 30 bucks)

300 including shipping for a harness I have to go pull ( it's kinda been slim picking in the junkyard lately)

One think I am getting away from is removing the 4.0 alternator stuff and replacing it with an si alternator connection. It became a problem with and an extra variable to contend with in troubleshooting installs.

I have done a couple aw4 harnesses, as you'd expect they are slightly more complex. They take me significantly longer to do so I have been doing $250 for harnesses with the aw4 modifications.

Also another thing that I have yet to have someone take me up on but I think you fsj guys would really like is that I am about 99 percent sure I can give you guys cruise control through the ecm for those that pull a harness from a Cherokee so equipped. I say 99 percent sure because like I said no one had wanted this in their cj so I have yet to leave the wiring. Whomever wishes to be the guinea pig for the cruise can get that free. One it's tested and works I can offer that for 20 bucks for anyone who wants it..

And yet another thing. For anyone that is using a tranny that has a removable bell housing I have someone local that can cut the bh for the cps. If anyone is interested I can get you a price. It will be less quirky and less expensive than the relocation kit. As well as giving you a 4.0 starter which is generally a better unit.

As far as removal get everything! I have had a good deal of harnesses sent to me that are missing the sections running to the vss and the alternator. It's not a big deal but there are wires in there that can be removed. If you have to only cut wire clusters that go into the firewall if you want a basic harness job. If you want the aw4 retained or you want to keep the cruise control don't cut anything except the bulkhead connector for the in can fuse panel...... A good rule of thumb is don't cut anything really.

If possible I ask that you strip as much of the plastic loom off as possible and give the harness a good spray with degreaser, they are messy from road grim and it slows turn around when they are grimey (harder to trace wires). Also if possible please send the pdc cover too. It will have a diagram of the relay and fuse lay out, not all layouts match from year to year and model to model so it is harder to determine what can come out and what has to stay without it.

Sorry for the long post.

Like I said email me if you want more info.
'85 CJ7 Laredo- Rebuilt 360, Tuned Port Injection, T-176, D300, W/T 3.31 w/Trac Loc, 31x10.5x15 BFGs
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Old 09-11-2017, 10:28 PM
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Still doing these if anyone is in need.
'85 CJ7 Laredo- Rebuilt 360, Tuned Port Injection, T-176, D300, W/T 3.31 w/Trac Loc, 31x10.5x15 BFGs
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Old 10-29-2018, 10:39 PM
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PM sent.

I have a complete drivetrain from a 2003 TJ
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