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I didnt get a chance to post my thoughts on the other systems, as I dont have much experience with them. I did know a guy who installed a holley TBI system and it was crappy. The system was really sensitive and always seemed to give him headaches. It took a lot to get it to tune in right and it was really quirky. (Maybe it was because it was when they first brought the system out.)

Other than that I really promote the DIY route because you have a complete GM setup and no parts from other vendors (A lot of these parts can be changed to GM parts or so I hear) besides that, you actually learn the inner workings of the system yourself, you dont have to send your chip back and fourth to get changed, adapted or burned and if you take the time to learn about chip tuning etc you can do amazing things by yourself and you can really fine tune your rig to your own liking. (It sort of becomes like an aged wine, just takes more work than using a corkscrew)
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