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Originally Posted by rang-a-stang
When I was working on getting my Chero through smog, I came across a guy with a 79 CJ7 with a 401/Holley sniper in it. He said he originally had a Howell and it went through smog a couple times, but he wanted more power so he put a Edelbrock intake on it (but ground off the logo, and painted it to match the engine so it looks like a stock manifold), and the Holley Sniper. He said when he takes it to smog, they kind of scratch their heads when they look at it, assume the Holley Kit is the Howell kit, and do the sniff/evap tests. He said he has passed twice like that. He's banking that the smog techs can't tell the difference and twice it has worked for him which means he's been driving it for at least 4 years like that. I, personally, wouldn't want to risk failing but he swears by it.

No offense but holley sniper just hit market so not sure I'd buy anything the guy said. Also has ginormous Holley Sniper EFI script on it.
You would have to know smog guy, or find one ignorant enough to risk losing his license and a fine for a $xx smog test fee.

wayne-o be careful what you post in future.
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