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Holley Sniper install keeping the stock fuel system

...not completely stock, of course -- but I kept it stock from the gas tank to the hard line from the fuel pump that fed the original 2150.

I went in a different direction with the fuel system. I know a lot of folks have been really successful with fitting up in-tank fuel pumps, but frankly I'm done dropping that tank (have had to do it twice in 5 years), and the thought of working in the confines of the access panel gave me hives, too. If I had an in-tank pump go out I might leave the Jeep on the side of the road.

Pumps on the frame rails have their issues -- and don't solve the problem of the fuel sender pickup G-loading/uncovering under cornering/low fuel levels.
I have seen problems with the FiTech Command Center can/pump, but a lot of it appeared to be the dead head (returnless) design -- which is apparently tough on pumps too.

I went with a return surge tank setup that takes low pressure feed from the stock mechanical fuel pump, and uses the stock return line to the tank. It has a high-pressure pump and a return circuit that feeds the Sniper and returns fuel from the Sniper's built-in regulator. There are lots of them out there -- but this is the one I used:

I put a small pre-filter between the low-pressure fuel feed and the surge tank, and a 10/20 micron filter before the fuel inlet on the Sniper. The pump hooks up with one wire from the Sniper ECU (it has a built-in fuel pump relay), and a ground to the battery. It was just about the exact same diameter as the charcoal canister, so I relocated the charcoal canister to the other fender, and installed the surge tank in place of it. I wrapped it with some foil insulation to protect it from engine heat.

I figured it kills three birds with one stone: I get the high-pressure pump in an accessible position for maintenance/replacement, I don't have to run lines to/from the gas tank, and I have some protection against G-loading/sloshing that could uncover the pickup in our (unbaffled) tanks. The last one is mainly in theory, but since the replacement/aftermarket sender pickups sit about 3 inches off the bottom of the tank, running under 1/4 full will eventually bite you in the butt.

One thing I will say: if you have ALL of the necessary parts/tools in front of you (lines, fittings, wire crimps, throttle/kick down linkages, etc), you can completely install a Sniper system in an SJ in under an hour. Pretty slick.
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