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Originally Posted by Ray Carter
I recently bought my first Wagoneer. It's a '63 with a small block Chevy and a TH400. It has stock axles and t/case. It needs some work, but I'm driving it a bit. The axles are under the springs giving it some lift, but I'm going to put them back over to achieve a relatively stock ride height. The plan/dream is a street/trail cruiser. I live in the Pacific Northwest and there are lots of ORV trails. Later, Ray
Indeed (lots of trails in the Gresham area)!! I hit a cool one in my wife's Pathfinder last month up on Mount Hood! Some super cool full size Jeep guys up there, too. Here are some pics from my trip up there:
Badger lake, Wagoneer Taylor, and Johnsonic meetup
The pic of the lifted AMC was taken REALLY close to Gresham, in fact it was in Gresham on the corner of NE Kane and SE Stark (we were on our way to your Home Depot).
There are a TON of FSJ guys in your area. I met up with 2 of them. There seems to be an inordinate amount of FSJs in the Portland area...

Your plan sounds solid!!! it also sounds like you have a great starting point, too. Welcome here! We are glad your are here. Keep it running/driving so you can enjoy it while you work on it. Use the classifieds here for things you need too. It's amazing how many good deals cross this place. Parts can get expensive at places like ebay, Team Grandwagoneer, etc.

Posting pics is rough on this forum but necessary. Here's a couple how-tos
using Google one drive or Photobucket
how to use FLICKR
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