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Dodged a bullet early this morning...quarter sized hail about a mile south and golf ball size a couple miles north. That bed has to be mated to the chassis so I can get all the vehicles under a roof....Spring in NE Texas = Hail.

First thing this morning I finished some small brackets along the bottom edge of the bed. Later on I'm going make some rubber sight barriers that hide the gap between the frame and the bed for a cleaner look. After that I finished some odds and ends on the rear of chassis...sanded and painted drive shaft and shocks, restrung the tail light wiring. Took all day, but the bed is ready to install on the chassis tomorrow morning...I get my garage back.

Attached a couple of photos. ( I'm going to paint that rear window frame black). The second photo depicts the gas tank mounting brackets I fabricated to support the tank during the painting process. This allowed me to move the truck around. (I drove it back from the blaster with all front and rear sheet metal removed). The front bracket bolts into holes in the hoop shaped frame cross piece. The rear one is tack welded to the cross bar for the goose neck hitch. Anyway, I need to put the motorcycle jack under the tank in the morning and then remove those special brackets (the tank is normally suspended from the bed).

DSCN1483 by Rufus, on Flickr

DSCN1485 by Rufus, on Flickr
J10 - Body channel (3 inch drop @ front); dechromed; shaved side parking lights, antenna, and hood trim bar. Ford mirrors, roll pans, side exhaust, 16 inch wheels, custom dash, new interior, Edelbrocked 360, HEI, T18/208 (J20), rear disk brakes, goose neck and bumper hitches.

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