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Well, the DFW weather keeps throwing a wrench in the works. The cab shell is about ready for color, but it was too cold to paint looking at early next week. I attached a photo of the truck's covered storage spot behind the fence. The roof leaks a little as it's been bombarded with golf ball size hail a couple of times. Pretty Rube Goldbberg, but it cuts down the UV.

I worked on the doors in the semi-heated garage today. The vent window assemblies are apart and waiting for reassembly with the new felt lined tracks for the side windows. I need to find some fasteners as
I ground offthe originals.Then I'll have all the side windows retinted...don't have time to do it myself again. I want this thing done by the end of March.

Cleaned up the doors. The back side and inside looked pretty much like when I repainted them more than a decade ago. The black epoxy held up very well where it was not bombarded by UV. No rust inside the doors. I lined them with some left over Fat Mat from the Jaguar project to cut down on the noise in the cab. The body filler work is nearly there...mostly where I welded the holes for the original GW mirrors shut. I'll try to get the doors in epoxy/primer over the next few days, so that I can do a single color spray event for the cab and doors. Once I get that cab in color, I can reinstall the bed and free up the other bay in the garage. The bed still needs the Raptor sprayed in, but that can wait. Same for the fiberglass rear fenders. Lordy, I do hate body work.

DSCN1443 by Rufus, on Flickr
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J10 - Body channel (3 inch drop @ front); dechromed; shaved side parking lights, antenna, and hood trim bar. Ford mirrors, roll pans, side exhaust, 16 inch wheels, custom dash, new interior, Edelbrocked 360, HEI, T18/208 (J20), rear disk brakes, goose neck and bumper hitches.
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