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Talking More parts

More parts arrived this week.

First I got the new glow plug harness. I've always been unhappy with the one that came with the donor engine. Although all the glow plugs seemed to work, the connectors felt loose and the floppy wire the harness was made from seemed non-durable and was impossible to route neatly. The harness I bought came from ptwiringsolutions, an eBay seller. The directions that came with the harness seemed to be a simple Word document and had several misspellings and grammar issues, but the writer obviously knew the truck, engine, and wiring. The directions and pictures were clear and thorough. The harness itself is first-rate, with high-quality components and artisan-level workmanship. Light-years ahead of anything I could build. My hat's off to this guy, and I hope anybody who's working on diesel engines that reads this post gives ptwiringsolutions a look. [Edit]The glow plug harness seller is also know as "Pro Tech Racing Products".[/Edit]

Second, I got the weatherstrip order from BJs Offroad. A few words about this...

I have purchased quite a few items from BJs on this build, perhaps nearly $1000 worth of parts...wait, I also bought the Dakota Digital dash through nearer $1700 to $2000. Anyway, significant for this indigent Jeep "bottom-feeder".

When I needed the personal touch on parts or availability questions, Ryan was there, all questions answered quickly and efficiently. When I needed to just conduct business, BJs Offroad conducted business professionally. I'll try to say it clearly: We FSJ enthusiasts are Great Googly-Moogly (I typed that in personally ) FORTUNATE to have a vendor like BJs Offroad in our world. Thanks, guys!

I also have some door knobs and tailgate window lift pins on order from IFSJA member Miller Luck on order...itching to get my hands on at least the pins so I can put the tailgate on prior to painting the rig.

I have pictures but I left my card reader at work and they unexpectedly gave us Good Friday (TM) off this week. It'll be a pic-post free weekend for me.
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