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Originally Posted by Resbum
Sorry, I wasn't clear in what I asked. Which brand of aircraft paint stripper did you use? Thanks for including all the other info.
Ah. It was the house brand at the auto paint store - "Klean Strip".

I know how you feel about stripping paint. That's how I felt about media blasting after I got done doing all my parts. I may pull out the equipment and use it on all the hard to sand areas of my sheetmetal.
I saw an interesting YouTube video where they were stripping paint off a car using a blast of dry ice instead of some other media. Then about two weeks later I saw it again on Powerblock TV. They said it'd cost about $1500 to do a car but it's money well spent. Maybe so but that's a tradeoff I don't have the luxury of making.

This weekend I ordered a glow plug harness and tonight I'm ordering one of Serehill's headlight harnesses. I also painted the interior surface of the tailgate, inner fenders, and the rockers with bedliner. The body work is now 99% (ish) done. Just transport it to the shop, apply and sand the glazing putty, dust it off, and git 'er done!

Can you tell I'm ready??
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