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The front bumper is a BJs Offroad prototype they mocked up and sold here on the board I believe.

As for why the 4bt and what it is. The 4B is just like the 6B minus two cylinders.

One is the overall legnth of the 6B. It puts the rear valve cover and injection lines way back there and would probably involve partially taking the motor out for some basic service. Also running an air to air aftercooler and taurus electric fans so length was critical.

Two is fuel mileage. Most people are reporting about 25-30 miles per gallon versus 17ish for the 6b. My 4B has the coveted P7100 injection pump, not the rotary. Nothing wrong with the rotary.

From the factory, my 4b was spec'd at 350 ft lbs at 1300 rpm. I have a larger turbo, put the air to air and turned the fuel fuel up one revolution. I should be at 425-450 tq now. I also had a 3200 governor spring kit installed to get the rpms up if I am towing a load and need to keep i the power band.

And for gearing. The axles are 4.10, NV4500 5.6 to one first, Dana 300 2.6, Np 205 1.96 for a grand total of...........................119to 1

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