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Originally Posted by fulsizjeep
Well, thanks to this exercise, I realized that drive shaft is too long. I did not notice until I resized the picture. We have not put this one through too much difficult terrain but had never heard or felt it bottom out. Something else to change when the QT & adapter get changed out this spring. We have some rocks here I can exercise it on and see how much travel there is to the rear. The drive shaft was new in 2003. The C were rotated but I don't know how much.

Yep, now that its pointed out, I see that your knuckles seem to have proper orientation.

I would guess that your pinon has been rotated up 10-15 degrees. If I could access photobucket at work, I would post a pic for you of mine that has been rotated up 12 degrees...

Eitherway, that leaves you with quite the desirable axle there!!
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