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Originally Posted by madmikeX3
Hey Zach. Could you do up a Small expenses list of what you have spent. I plan on a 4bt soon as well but unsure of the cost. I keep hearing 10 grand or so thrown around. Thanks

The biggest expense will be the 4bt engine. There are several different versions with different HP outputs, so do your homework.
:Soapbox mode ON: Do yourself a favor and make some decisions before you start. Decide auto or manual trans. Overdrive or no. Example, if you want a manual trans and an overdrive, use the NV4500 that came behind the 6bts. Makes life easier. If you can find a whole dodge truck with the diesel engine, you can rob the trans and tcase, engine adapter and accessories. You can sell the 6bt engine to recoop some of the cost. If you want an auto and you are OK with a 3spd without overdrive, you can find a 4bt already set up for a TH400. That kind of thing.
:Soapbox mode OFF:
Once you have a plan laid out, its a lot easier to estimate cost. This is why some people spend years collecting parts to make the swap happen. It takes longer but can be cheaper.
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