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Originally Posted by Ristow
the bigger story is Chinas' engineered virus experiment got out of the lab.

Can you communicate any credible sources?

Anything is possible, could be the work of some sick minds against their leaders. We had sarin gas in Tokyo subway in 95... Ammonium nitrate at the Oklahoma fed. building in 95

The virus is 80% similar to the one found in bats. As for the old and sick, yes there is a trend as the older folks have underlining weaknesses such as diabetes, heart disease and smoking, -Chinese smoke cigarettes- . The interesting fact is that women are more resistant than men, this is due to a more responsive immune system.

As for numbers it is hard to tell because nobody knows exactly how many people carry the virus, some are healthy carriers and are not counted in the total number so the percentage can vary from 18% to less than 1%.

As usual washing hand with soap or gel, and avoiding touching face is the first line of defense.

I feel sad for the passengers and the crew stuck on the cruise ship off the coast of SF, The ship was in a holding pattern saturday night off ocean beach with all lights on, but gone this morning. It will be back Monday to the port of Oakland according to Sunday morning news.
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