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Originally Posted by tgreese
Also, does your Jeep run and drive now? If so, I suggest you find another 230 core and rebuild that. Then swap in the renewed engine when you're ready.

Generally there is minimal enthusiasm for the 230 except in resto cases like yours. Try the WTB forums here and at FSJ Network. The M715s also ran the 230, so you could look there for a suitable core too
If it runs now I agree with Tim to look for a donor 230 core and go through it as time/money allows. Also as Tim mentioned the M-715 forum is a good place to look. Lotsa M-715 owners swap in a big gaso V8 or I-6 dsl motor and have the 230 just taking up shop floor space.
On your current running(?)230 do a complete/full tune up including but not limited to a valve adjustment. Often ignored by owners. Should be at least checked every 1,500 miles or so. Also fix any and all oil leaks to save your cam and cam bed. Most common culprit will be the front timing cover gasket. It don't like the engine vibrations from the poorly designed rigid motor mounts so buy 2 gaskets while still avail. The 230 OHC if maintained is a good free reving reliable motor. Vroom vroom.
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