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Originally Posted by srobertsfsj
The part I am having the hardest time finding is axle shafts for my HP D44. I have an 8-lug setup from a 78 F-250 that I want to swap in while I am doing the SOA/SF but it didn't come with the front axle shafts.

The other missing parts are just waiting on funds:

High steer arms
Drag link and tie rod for high steer
D60 missing all brake parts (was thinking of going disc in the rear)
8-lug rims

Well I actually have all of those parts, but I would have to strip my waggy to give them go ya. That FSJPARTS guy has the HP D44 shafts. He wants $150 plus shipping for them.

You can make the drag link out of DOM and use some ES2010L and ES2010R TRE's, assuming you get some arms off ebay made for chevy 1 ton.

I'm prolly gonna go with discs on the waggy soon and will give you the stock D60 brakes if you want them.

Can't help you with rims (well I do have a set of crappy 8 lug rollers...)

I will be hitting the yards on Saturday, looking for those shafts. If I find them, I would loan 'em out to ya.
Please come on over to and have a look.
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