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Originally Posted by threepiece
Hey Tom, you may remember meeting me at Zack's place a number of years ago.
It seems we are in the same situation although Frank' suggestion that farming dental floss is a lonely affair has dissuaded me from Moving to Montana. I'm moving to Ohio soon.

I fear that many of the parts I have saved will be at risk once again.

Of course I remember you. I was just sitting here thinking of what parts to move when I thought I need to get back to this thread.. The new place will have a much bigger garage and more adequate for building Jeeps. So I think I will haul most of the stuff for this custom build with me. I spent years massing new or perfect parts and hate to start all over again. My buddy here said something about going out with only my car. I laughed at him. Told him no way was I going to own a big garage and not have a project. My first day in the new place I want to be three years behind on these two Jeeps already. LOL. I got a lead on 2 more trucks here locally. If the J20 is a Quadra-Trac it is coming along with me. Some old man owns both and has no idea what they are.
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