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New Grand Wagoneer owner

I've posted here a few times before to assist my son who has a 79 J-10 that he has been (and still is) working on. I've now bought a 86 Grand Wagoneer for my wife who has wanted one for some time. We've been looking at them and finding mostly over priced, over promised trucks with some fairly big issues. (for the asking price). We had a local Wagoneer pop up for a very low price and it (at least seemed) too good to pass up, so I rushed over and agreed to a price and got it towed back home. It was a bit of a purchase on faith, as it doesn't run currently. I feel financially pretty safe with it as the cost was low enough and the body in good enough shape that I could unload it with a profit if need be. Hopefully that won't be an issue though. I'll post an account of what the supposed issue is in the correct forum as to not clutter this one up too much.

There is no rot on the vehicle that I can find, wheel wells and rockers all look great. There is some rust forming below the windshield in one area and on two of the windows, and the front and rear lower fascia panels are a bit pock marked but otherwise it's pretty solid and shouldn't cause too much body work on a planned paint job.

Hopefully I'll eventually have some wisdom to share on this board, but I suspect I'll just be the idiot in the room for the time being as I've not ever owned a jeep myself before.
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