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Not much to report right now. Been busy with work and dealing with small stuff. Ended up making new fuel lines from the tank to engine. Power steering hoses are in, new heater core purchased (but not installed yet), rear driveshaft is in but the front had the wrong yoke. Found another yoke in my arsenal and made it fit. New unobtainable body mounts are ordered but don't know if they're going to work yet....because I don't have them. Lol!

And as goofy as it sounds, I couldn't figure out why my steering tie rod and drag link were going to collide if I drove it until I realized the front springs were in backwards. Pushed the axle too far forward. Lol! Well, at least I hope that's all it is. Tomorrow... Oh! I ended up ordering new Urethane motor and tranny mounts from BJ's and put those in today. Worked great!

It's the little things that take time. We're trying to work past those.

So, I'm thinking about the body now. Leave it old and patina looking or get it painted? If I get it painted, do I leave it green and white or go for a custom color? I like the green and white but I can think of a half dozen colors that would look awesome too.
1974 Cherokee S. It's driving but needs more work. As usual!
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