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Originally Posted by Bob Barry
I created a PDF with color-coded lines for the different sizes; I have to alter it a bit in light of actually redoing the hoses, but that should work for your '88, if you want me to send you a copy of it. Are you going to be running the AIR system, or is that gone/deleted?

Honestly don't know at this point about keeping all the systems, as I'm still putting the interior back together, and drive train is last on the list. Definitely would appreciate that PDF copy though!

I know the engine compartment is still very stock, down to the air injection system and EGR, so I'll likely get it running in stock form before I mod or swap anything out (if I can help it) in an attempt to minimize variables.

I do try to keep resale value in mind too, so if anything I'll eventually likely go with a 50-state fuel injection system for ease of maintenance and dependability. This is likely considering I still have to smog test it in Ada County, Idaho, though I'm still unsure if they even check for all those systems, or if they simply do the stationary sniffer test at certain RPM(s).
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