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How-To Video: Replacing Vacuum Lines on AMC 360

OK, I'm finally putting the little action-cam my wife gave me to good use.

I'm trying to document the little and big jobs I do on my '87 J-20 as I get it roadworthy, as I always appreciate when someone has created a how-to video of something I have never tried. A lot of these will be pretty basic, but I'll try to cover the more complicated ones as well, when that is possible.

The first playlist here is a three-video series covering the complete overhaul of the engine vacuum systems: 3Ovh1iKRg

The first video in the playlist is a detailed overview of the vacuum systems:

The second video in the playlist covers the removal of the old hoses:

The third video is a detailed account of rebuilding the spark-advance vacuum harness:

I'm editing the videos for an oil-change (remember, I said a lot of these were for absolute beginners!) and the rebuild of the factory 2150 2-bbl carburetor.

I hope some of you find it useful.
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