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Thanks everybody. Yes tgreese is a wiring stud! I picked up a ac delco alternator
from Napa. Not sure if its the 10si or the 12si. It says 12v so I'm guessing its the 12si? As you know it required some modification to fit the old motorola bracket.
I needed to cut the 2 inch foot down some and slightly bore out the pivot hole.
Well nothing is easy is it! I probably cut too much off the pivot and bored out too much as well. I think this allowed the alternator to drop making the fins contact the bracket. At this point thinking that I've wasted major time and $ mucking up this alternator voiding the warranty I was tempted to push the rig out to the street and spray FREE on her. Decided to take the grinder to the bracket and it seems to have worked.

I will take a look at that exciter wire thanks for the tip. Now to go back and figure out how to wire. IMG_0795 by , on FlickrIMG_0796 by IMG_0798 by , on Flickrcom/photos/168069932@N02/][/url], on Flickr
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