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I think I figured some of it out. If you stare blankly at enough diagrams eventually something clicks. I believe this is what I'm after. This pic finally made sense.

Coil wire goes to DUI distributor.
Solenoid Power wire goes to terminal of starter solenoid.
Started solenoid goes down to starter.
IGN Switch Start wire goes to starter solenoid.
Battery + goes to same side on the started solenoid as the big red solenoid wire.
Battery - goes from battery and splits to grounds. engine/ fender.
Tach goes to DUI distributor.
Alt Power Wire goes to Alternator.
Alt Excite goes to one of the male connects of Alt.

Couple things I need to research more is the;

Neutral safety Switch and the 3rd wire on the Alternator (voltage reader wire)
Also what I can toss now that I am using DUI distributor. Seems like some important stuff coming off both sealed boxes. The Electronic Ignition, module box.


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