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What do we need to do, to get our 1,400 foot Jeeps ready for the higher elevations? In 1979, I took my Indiana CJ-7 to Loveland, CO and it was a PIG in the mountains. And when I brought the J10 west, I definitely noticed the power loss @ 7,000 feet (was still very strong, though).
1989 Waggy=360/727/NP229/D44's/8"lift/36's/3.31's
1985 J20=The powertrain donor to my M677. But thinking about resurrecting the carcass as a short wheel base, topless, bobbed J20.
1982 J10 Sportside=360/727/NP208/D44HD+TruTrac/D60+DetroitLocker/4" lift/35's/4.10's
1967 M715=360/T98/NP205/38"XL/5.87's
1964 M677=360/727/NP208 build in process
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