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When I was 14 my dad picked up two mid-70s cheros that that weren't in great shape. They sat behind a barn, and he was having a guy build one good one out of the two. It was a orange-red WT. The guy working on it ended up going to jail for one reason or another, and eventually my mom told my dad to get the mess off the property. It was always supposed to be "my college car". And believe me I thought about what it could've been to have that old chero in Colorado during college.

Fast-forward 15 years and I'm long out of college, finally making a little dough, and I stumbled onto IFSJA, and within a week some guy with my last name posts an orange-red WT chero (in great shape). Miraculously he lived in Reno and I was planning to drive through the next day. It was meant to be...and thats how I ended up with good looking twin of the college car that never was.
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