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Well I bit the bullet and bought two of these distributors. One for my Wagoneer and one for a 304 CJ5 TBI conversion that I was helping my local Jeep shop perform. As it turned out, both distributors needed rework to fit. The vendor was OK with returning my emails but I felt that I was stuck with finding my own solution to fixing his product.

Maybe I'm looking at this wrong but I'd like to think if I made and sold a product that didn't work that I'd be so embarrased that I'd do whatever I could to right the situation. Anyway, here is the response I sent to the vendor:

Here are the actions taken to fit your distributors:

1. AMC EFI - no gear:
Distributor shaft (at oil pump drive end) needed additional clearancing to allow distributor to fully seat in AMC timing cover. Approximately 0.120" was removed from the end of the shaft and both sides of the shaft. This would indicate shaft dimension was too long so the end of the shaft as well as the shoulder areas were filed down to essentially move everything up.

2. AMC EFI - w/gear:
Bushing was interferring with oil pump shaft resulting in distributor not fully seating in timing cover. On this distributor the bushing was removed and ground down to allow the distributor to seat in the timing cover.

Your AMC product needs more attention to detail before leaving your facility. I would recommend you consider obtaining an AMC timing cover (with the oil pump installed) and then perform a test fit before shipping out any distributors. Also, for the distributors shipped without gears a machined bushing should be shipped with them. The outer diameter should be set to .490" and the inner diameter at 11mm. This would help poeple that do not have access to a machine shop.

All in all I think you have a decent product and I wish you well in your business endeavors. However, at this time I cannot wholeheartly recommend your product to my fellow Jeep enthusiasts due to the fitment issues. Hopefully youl will consider some of my suggestions and improve your AMC product.


Rich B.

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